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Why is Rush ignoring Michael Savage's plight ?

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    Michael Savage has chosen the role of gadfly; he calls attention to issues and situations that others may be ignoring, using unconventional and often annoying ways of expressing himself.

    In his role as gadfly, he can support others to some extent, if his support does not result in trouble for the person he supports. But he will not expect routine support from others. He knows that he must use his wits to protect and defend himself; and that when people do support him, it will be on the basis of principle rather than political affiliation.

    Besides, Savage publicly makes fun of Rush. I'm pretty sure there is no personal animosity between them, and they could work together privately; but as gadfly, Savage is bound to do this.

  • Sheila
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    1 decade ago

    Rush is a butt and thinks he can do anything he wants, just because he's Rush. I also think of myself as a conservative, generally Republican, but I don't like Ditto-head.

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    Because "Gust Windbag" serves no master but his mouth... And THAT flaps in whatever direction he passes gas... :)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Two stupid conservatives are fighting each other. What's wrong with that? They are both scumbags.


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