Does it hurt any suggestions?

Me & mi bf have started having sex & we're both kind of kinky & wanna try new things any suggestions we're concidering doing it kind of scared but exsited but any advice to make it not hurt or any advice?!?!

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    Do some research online (seriously)....use lots of lube, and totally relax your lower body. A good position for starting this is spooning...both of you lying on your sides, with him behind you...that way you can relax and he can take it slow...

    I've known women that preferred anal over vaginal...just be sure to take your time...maybe even start with a lubed finger or dild0 for you to get used to something being there...

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    Does it harm from the 2d he enters you or is it whilst he is going extra advantageous in? assorted women human beings don't have an 8 inch vagina, you're able to be a sort of girls human beings. So perchance he's bumping into your cervix-- which could reason severe discomfort. If he won't be able to pass in very a methods he could no longer be getting adequate stimulation, so so which you are able to use your hand to help with that. Even a "tight" vagina could be waiting to open up for a penis-- I advise, you're able to have somewhat one via that component, a penis isn't something. If it feels tight it is probably through fact A) you at the instant are not aroused adequate B) you're dry or C) you're looking forward to discomfort and so clinching your muscle groups or D) any mix of the aforementioned. artwork on fixing those issues and your intercourse lifestyles will strengthen. Why would not he like lubricants? Does it irritate him? i take advantage of jojoba oil, it is all organic plant based, won't irritate the exterior and is no longer slimy like all different lubes and that i actually like it, so does the husband.

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    A gay friend of mine, said to me that he used a lot of lube at first and started with the finger. You will need to relax to do this and don't rush if you not feel ready. Also, remember that if you have anal sex, he needs to clean it before doing it the normal way.

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    The key is to use a lot of lube. I mean a lot at first. It is going to feel a little weird at first but have him lube up real good or better yet you lube him up real good. The other big thing is the first time he goes in he needs to be real slow and easy. Once you do it once the second time will be awesome.

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    Check out and follow the links for the advice columns. They discuss this often.

    My advice:

    1) take it slow

    2) lubricate more than you think you should

    3) breathe while doing it

    4) make sure he is willing to stop if you are hurting

    5) have him use his finger(s) first to expand the muscle opening

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    Just listen to Bill, Jay and OHstate... They obviously know how to take it without pain.

    Good luck and have fun.

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    be sure your relaxed. use lube . have him play there with fingers first i mean for a few weeks then when you feel ok go for it.

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    lube.. it will help and as long as there clitoral stim. youll be fine

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    Nice.. Use K Y!!

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