What's up with Katie Price and Peter Andre?

If any of you watch the show Katie and Peter on E! please explain this to me. Who is Harvey, the little boy that runs around the house, who is Junior, I think it's their son but I'm not sure? I just read in US Magazine that Katie had a daughter on June 29th. Is that Junior or is that a new baby? Please help, this is driving me crazy!! Thanks!

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  • Kim B
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    1 decade ago
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    From what I've read on blogs, Harvey is a child she had with someone else, a famous soccer player, I think. I had never heard of him, though. The other kids are theirs together. She had a little girl earlier this summer or in the spring. So together Katie and Peter have two kids.

    www.dlisted.com is a great celebrity blog. Michael K, the blogger, seems to be interested in Katie. Be warned that it has a lot of inappropriate language. I don't know how old you are.

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    Harvey is katies child who she had wit da footbaler dwight york n juniour is her n peters son n she had a daughther

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