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Fatima asked in TravelAfrica & Middle EastEgypt · 1 decade ago

Is Egypt a good place to live there?

I am from Mexico and I love ancient Egypt and modern Egyptian culture too, so since a lot of years ago I have been wishing move to Egypt, but my question is this: Is Egypt a good country to live there? I have met some Egyptians that told me that Egypt is a horrible country to live should I belive it or not?

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    well Fatima the only way to find out is to try the 30 day visit!

    I think its good and bad in any country. Look at the US!! A lot people say "I got to get the hell out of here, I lot of people say I will never leave! Egypt is a beautiful place and as you can tell by my Avatar, its my speciality!! I think it will be a beautiful place to live!

    Source(s): Traffic<hate, crime, ignorance here in the US!!! Who complains about traffic when places like here in the US has so much more RACISM, HATE, CRIME and ETC!!?? what traffic?? When you are dealing with all that. So Fatima choose your residence wisely!!! Worry about traffic or worry about stupid people and traffic?!? (Picture the King balancing his hands as he Explains this)
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    To be honest... I love Egypt as a place to visit and vacation but, whenever I live there I start to lose my mind after about a month. Ancient Egyptian sightseeing is great if you have the money for it but, just everyday life in Egypt is terrible. I love modern Egyptian culture when I'm watching it in movies from across the sea and living it with Egyptian friends here in the US but when I have to deal with it 24/7 no reprieves in Egypt I start to get really annoyed with it. The traffic gets to you after a while, the trash everywhere gets to you after a while, the stupid government really gets to you after a while. The only thing your not likely to get sick of is the people.

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    no do not believe them at all, I'm an Egyptian and I'm so happy to be one and it is a beautiful place to live in as long as you respect the Egyptian culture.

    It would be an even better place if you've got a friend or a family member that lives there as well so that you would always see each other and go on trips with them, but even if you are on your own I'm sure you will make lots of new friends.

    I hope u enjoy life in Mexico or Egypt just enjoy life!

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    Sharm El Shiekh is not so much fitting for families, unless you work in the tourism industry, it is a completely tourist city. Alexandria is beautiful, and Cairo is the capital, so both are lovely. But Cairo has an advantage over Alexandria new compounds (Like Al Rehab, Madinaty, Degla Heights, etc...) and it is very safe and good for families. Ismailia is nice, but can't be compared with Cairo & Alexandria, although life expenses is much cheaper in Ismailia, but again it is kind of boring city, and the options of where you can live in luxury places isn't big. But it worth considering as an option.

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    You shouldn't believe people telling you it's absolutely horrible if you havn't experienced it for yourself. Now in my opinion, to live their is not a great idea, the country has many problems involving goverment, education, environment (pollution), roads/traffic, and as it is a Muslim country it will be somewhat conservative so Egyptian societies mentality isn't exactly 21st century material (by this i'm mostly referring to the attitude towards women). On the other hand, visiting and getting hands on with the history and culture you enjoy so much could be a great experience for you, so if you ever get the chance don't pass it up!

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    1 decade ago

    I think you should come and see. I have been to Iraq (before the war) and Jordan and both of them, in my opinion, are way better than Egypt.

    Egypt is very crowded and dirty. And if you go there, don't ever drive, you'll lose your mind! There aren't even traffic lights or whatsoever. People can drive the way they want to....no rules ....nothing!

    It' nice to come as a tourist. But residing here permanently is a BAD idea. If I were you I would go to Jordan or Syria, they're a bit more organized and way less crowded than Egypt.

    Oh I forgot to tell you about harassment. You'll get harassed by men all the time, verbally and sometimes even physically, unless maybe you wear a scarf or something.

    Source(s): Oh, thanks in advance for the thumbs down and reports I'm gonna get.
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    it's a matter of perspectives and relativity..

    people are saying that because we are under the rule of a dominating ruling political regime that has been there for too long, and it's normal, when times get stretched like that, that corruption become enormous, so people who are saying it's a horrible place to live are saying that because of this fact and its implications on everyman's everyday's life..other than that, you ll enjoy the stay very much..

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    I wouldn't say it is a horrible country. Egypt has been at war for decades. They fight with their neighbors and within their own country over politics and religious groups. It might not be the safest place to live.

    Source(s): I've been through the Suez Canal
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    1 decade ago

    hey beautiful

    let me start by saying.. I LOVE YOUR NAME !!!! lol

    now seriously.... egypt is a beautiful place.. never been there but am hopping of going there ..... you say that you like it soo much ... and you are going to listen to the people that are telling you that it is not nice??? why??? just go there and see for yurself !!! im sure you would have a great time there .....

    p.s. when are you thinking of going?? would you mind if i squash up in one of your suitcases??? but make sure you dont forget to make holes... you dopnt want me dying do you?lol

    wishing you the best of fun !! =D

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    No, even the Egyptians don't like it there

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