How do you charge a scooter's battery?

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You'll need to determine what voltage it is, I imagine its either a 12 volt or possibly a 6 volt. Then you'll have to get a charger right for battery voltage. Ebay is good for these. Charge the battery for 12-16hrs. You'll have to remove the little cell plugs on the top while it charges and leave it in a well ventilated area until it's finished. Then wait 2 hrs and replace the plugs. Keep an eye on the fluid levels too, they need to be kept topped up. (you can buy battery water from an auto store)

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  • Quilting Mildred answered 7 years ago
    You can always get a cheap battery charger from Walmart, but your best bet is to get a Deltran Battery Tender Jr. Once the battery is fully charged, it will turn itself off. That way, you don't over charge the battery.
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  • Paul S answered 7 years ago
    You will want to pick up a Delron Battery Tender Plus, It won't overcharge the battery and ruin it.
    I have 2 and use them all the time.
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  • Laura answered 7 years ago
    With a battery charger.
    Coleman makes a portable charger that fits under a scooter seat or in a top case.
    It holds a charge for an instant jump start.
    A trickle charger won't jump start your scoot.
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  • Lord Darkclaw answered 7 years ago
    Presumably it's a 6 volt? Get a battery charger, connect plus to plus and minus to minus and leave it overnight. If it's a water-filled battery rather than a modern sealed one, pull off the little cover while it's charging (it wouldn't hurt to make sure the water levels are correct too).
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  • Mick answered 7 years ago
    Yes if the battery is low it will need charging .
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  • Violynn517 answered 7 years ago
    24 hours
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  • chopperchopster answered 7 years ago
    first you have to remove the taillight fluid receptical, and pull all the fuses.then take it to a motorcycle shop.
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