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What is wrong?

Earlier today, I had to call someone who i have to meet on friday through my school. I had to leave a voicemail because i tried calling multiple times with no answer. While I was leaving her the message my hands started shaking and they shook for about 15 minutes after i hung up the phone. This happens to me a lot with different situations. Do i have some type of anxiety or is this normal? It seems to have been happening a lot lately. It also happened yesterday just when i was talking with a cashier while buying a couple shirts. Thanks

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    There are at least 12 possible causes for your situation. If you answer yes to any of the next four questions it may help identify the cause.

    Have you started on any medications recently? Is anyone in your family diabetic? Have you been doing any heavy drinking? Do you use recreational drugs?

    No matter what the cause, most shaking (called tremors) does occur during periods of heightened stress.

    One ailment, called "essential", "familial" or "senile" shaking can occur during a lifetime, and is poorly understood. It has no obvious cause, but usually involves twitching of only one hand and the head.

    If your twtiching also involves the tongue, you may have an overactive thyroid. It sounds as if you are a student, so check-in with your student health organization, and advise them as to any question you answered with a "yes".

    Source(s): I am a medical researcher.
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    Hey Maddison,

    I know this is frustrating and can be a little scary for you!!! This just might be more than anxiety... Hand shakes can be something Neurological, that means there might be something going on with a part of your brain. You should talk to your parents about this and see a Neurologist! As soon as you can, the shaking may just go away but you really should try to find out why your hands shakes so that the Doctor can rule out everything, okay??

    good luck

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