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Madeleine McCann: Is Lori Campbell Britain's worst journalist?

It was Lori Campbell who reported Robert Murat to the police for being too helpful and for being "creepy,"

She then had to turn it into a story writing about Murat in a lurid way that was picked up by all the other papers.

Next she wrote an article crowing about how right she was to report Murat, an innocent man whose life was almost destroyed by her smears.

Then her most recent article claims to prove beyond all doubt the McCanns are innocent and Madeleine was abducted, with the "true picture" of what happened:

"Now, the Sunday Mirror can give a true picture of what happened when Kate found her daughter missing. We can reveal:

Police have specific evidence from the apartment that she was still alive.

Madeleine was kidnapped as the toy she had fallen asleep with was left on a ledge placed too high for a child to reach."

It never occurred to the bimbo reporter that the McCanns might have lied about Cuddle Cat.

Is Lori Cambell Britain's worst journalist?

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    oh yeah.

    she was right to report him.

    because murat has a girlfriend and her estranged(sp?) husband live together.

    two males and a woman were seen in a petrol station, shortly after madeleine went missing, matching their decriptions on CCTV. witrh a girl looking suspiciously like Madleeine

    Murat has repeatedly asked many people for fake alibis the night maddeileiene went missing.

    suspicious, much?

    yet murat denies it all and has even threatened to committ suicide.

    haha, committ suicide cos he's about to be found out.

    Don't deny this cos it's in the papers and was all around the news at the time. the SOl has reported this too (a very, very reliable portugese neewspaper.))

    Can you prove he's innocent? you say he is but you can't..

    Source(s): Btw,, is anyone watching Hollyoaks???
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    the worlds worsed :)

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