New Jersey?

I'm thinking about moving to New Jersey. How is it there? Is the weather nice?

Also which of these cities are best to live in?


Jersey City






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  • Megz
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    1 decade ago
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    You definitely do NOT want to live in any of those areas you mentioned....seriously..... cities in NJ are awful!!! I live a few towns away from Paterson....and its a hell hole!!! Extreme poverty and crime...driving through any of these towns will make you want to move out of NJ .....they are all towns in which you will want to lock your doors when going through.

    Newark, Paterson, and Camden are probably the last places I would every want to live in the entire country.

    Camden is listed as the most dangerous city to live in the United States so avoid that. Trenton is not nice at all either...however you can find some really nice communities in the suburbs surrounding Trenton....such as Pennington.

    You can maybe find a decent place in Jersey City and parts of Elizabeth are nice. I would definitely choose Elizabeth as my top choice.

    The weather is NJ is in the summer and cold, snowy in the winter. Spring and fall are nice.

    I have lived in NJ my whole life and I do like certain things about it. Everything is so convenient is great....still close enough to major cities. So you have lots of options as far as restaurants and entertainment. You really need to live in a nice suburb to enjoy NJ ....don't live in an NJ city...they are way to dangerous.

    Bad things....traffic, overcrowded neighborhoods, overpriced houses...the amount of property you get for the price is ridiculous and taxes are high as well as insurance.

    I am in my early 20s and I am seriously considering moving out of the state.

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    Persoally iv lived in NJ for about 10 years now. i love it. Weather is good, and its close to NYC so there is always something to do. As for nice places to live in Jersey, depends on your price range. Stay Away from Camden (Top 5 worst cities in America) and Paterson is not too nice either. Elizabeth is ok, Jersey City is also ok. Newark is convient (airport etc). If you can afford Fort Lee, or Edgewater they are very nice. Also look into Elmwood Park. Its not a "city" but its a large town with OK houses

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    If you're moving to NJ, you really need to do your research before making plans- from one area to the next are like night and day. The weather is good- mild winters. Only problem is with the winters is that it RAINS ALL WINTER. Definitely not Newark or Camden, they are horrible- Trenton is okay but not interesting or anything- Paterson and Elizabeth are okay. Why not head further south? South Jersey is awesome- beautiful beaches, laid back atmosphere, cool people...

    Source(s): Lived in Cape May until I was 26.
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    Hey!!! Jersey is a great choice ive lived here most of my life and plan on buying a house w/my bf and raising my children here. Its a great state, I lived in some small towns, hackettstown was amazing pretty farm like haha. Boonton is by far the best. The people are great. Some of the cities you list arent the best-- I dont go to Newark Jersey City Paterson at all...they arent my place lol.

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  • Tiss
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    1 decade ago

    I lived in North Jersey for three years, and you couldn't pay me to live there again. The towns you listed are not places you would want to live. If you want to be in Essex County, try Maplewood, South Orange, Montclair, etc. The weather is hot and humid in Summer, and fairly cold with some snow in Winter. Fall is beautiful. I grew up in Oregon, and New Jersey wins, hands down for fall foliage. It's expensive,and I found people to be fairly rude (drivers and grocery clerks especially). On the plus side, you have Manhattan a few minutes away. Good luck!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i live in jersey, mostly all of those cities are not really good, but i guess i would say Jersey City.. Elizabeth is ok, you just need to find a good section of it.. try Bridgewater,Livingston,Short Hills, Woodbridge, Union, Westfield, Hillside, or Roselle Park. G00D LUCK =)

    the weather is very good.. no massive destruction=)

  • joe s
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    1 decade ago

    Newark - only place livable is the Iron Bound section

    Jersey City - stay by the riverfront

    Paterson - Forget it

    Elizabeth - marginal

    Trenton - Forget it, if you want to live by Trenton try Ewing Twp

    Camden - won't live there long (one of the worst cities for crime in America)

    There are plenty of places to live in NJ (it has the 2nd highest per capita income) next to CT. Hunterdon, Somerset and Bergen counties are in the top 20 richest counties in the country.

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