Ahh the perils of life...?

So I recently was dumped by my b/f of 15 months. He said he felt like it was in God's plan for us NOT to be together. This is the same guy who told me that I was the love of his life and that he wanted to marry me and have a life with me! He let me fall so deeply in love with him and let me believe he felt the same way. I just do not understand what went wrong, I mean we were fine a week ago and then WHAM! this crap happens. He is in the Air Force and is on deployment in AZ, and he sends me a text (f*****g coward) on Saturday basically telling me he wanted to be single! I just do not understand... he says it's not because he wants to go out and party guilt free, and that there is no one else. I believe him, but I just don't understand how this decision came so fast and out of nowhere! So if you have any advice for the broken hearted, I could use it!! Thanks!!

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    Long distance relationships are very hard, and regardless of what he's telling you, he probably wanted to cut the ties so that he could party with his friends on the base without worrying about "his girl back home". Breakup's always hurt, no matter how long or short the relationship might have been, and especially if you were led to believe that you were "meant to be together" only to be told that they didn't really mean it.

    Bottom line though, is that if he didn't care enough for you to call and actually tell you personally that he wanted to end the relationship, he didn't care enough about your feelings to deserve you! Give yourself some time to heal and try to move on.

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    He's blaming God for his choices... that's just sad. As for why he did it, well first off he texted you because for some reason he couldn't even talk to you on the phone, this is a sign that he is ashamed of something or afraid he couldn't go through with it if he was talking to you. It could be that he doesn't feel that there is any chance between the two of you if he is on a long term deployment away from you, who knows, anyway 15 months isn't enough time to state unequivocally that someone is "the love of your life" things change a lot over 1 year and change even more over 5.

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