Easy-to-write poems?

Hi, I'm currently near graduation and am expected to hand in a self-directed project. I've chosen to write a collection of poems, but unfortunately I find that I feel uncomfortable writing poems, esp those with rhythm.

I need your help in recommending some types of poems which are easy to handle, and without the need for rhythm.

An example would be a terza rima.

Oh, and for a modern sonnet, can I omit the rhyme and rhythm ? Just 14 lines with 10 syllables each?

Thanks a lot!


i hope you all can recommend some TYPES of poems for me to work on, not give me poems. haha yea thanks.

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    Well nothing stops you from writing them all in free verse.

    Sonnet: Yes you need to rhyme, an easier option is to rhyme abab for the first 12 aa for the final two. If you don't get perfect iambic pentameter I'm sure they'll understand

    But tto answer your question here is a link to all the poetry forms you would need:


    Good luck

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    Easy Types Of Poems

  • hice
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    Types Of Short Poems

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    The nice thing about modern (ie, contemporary) poetry is that you can kind of do whatever you want. If you want to omit the rhyme and rhythm from a sonnet go for it (although you should be aware it won't be a sonnet anymore per se). Check out poets like e. e. cummings, who very successfully broke every rule in existence.

    My best advice in terms of getting a grip on rhythm is to read poems. They say that the last thing you read before you write influences your style, so before you start writing, read as much poetry as you can -- poetry you like, poetry that speaks to you. If you're of a musical bent you might also try thinking in terms of a song when you consider rhythm.

    If all else fails... I love refrigerator poetry magnets! LOL... it sounds dumb but they turn out some interesting results. I just posted some of my fridge poems on my blog if you're interested: http://carynswark.blogspot.com

    Do your best and don't worry too much while you're writing. You can always edit for rhythm and rhyme later.

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  • pop
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    Why not a Dactyl ? The Dactyl Poetry Term is a metrical foot of three syllables, one long (or stressed) followed by two short (or unstressed), as in 'happily'. The dactyl is the reverse of the Anapaest. An example of the dactyl from "The Charge of the Light Brigade" by Alfred Lord Tennyson is:

    Half a League, Half a League, Half a League, onward

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    im sorry im just not a good poet,

    my friends have told me so i already know it.

    i always just do my best, to fit in with the rest,

    so in the end im the best and youll know it.

    some poems are short, and some poems are long,

    i write lyrics, and musicals, poems and songs.

    some of them rhyme, while others they dont,

    when ppl say to fit in, i refuse and i wont.

    i dont settle for less, i always do best.

    in the end ill be above and beyond all the rest.

    a sonnet you say, oh thats what you need,

    give me just a second, just follow my lead...

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    well its easy any one can right a poem u have to imagine ure rythm and let ure words flow over it

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