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Biology - Structural Adaptation of RBC

One of the structural adaptations of red blood cells is said that it is PALE IN COLOUR. This is due to the LESS CYTOPLASM in the CENTRAL PART of red blood cells. And hence it was said that it has LESS HAEMOGLOBIN.

Why is this a structural adaptation? I cannot get the flow of it... Haemoglobin favours the uptake and release of oxygen... Why less haemoglobin in the central part is better?


lunglung212 : thank you... so do u mean that pale in colour cannot stand alone for the strutural adaptation ??

Update 2:

fayeyuarbb : thank you...

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The is pale colour in the CENTRAL part only! (係microscope下面睇)

    although it was said that it has LESS HAEMOGLOBIN ,

    但係!!this structural make a biconcave shape of the red blood cell.

    Biconcave的shape係同一個volume入面 ,有最大的surface area!!


    biconcave即係好似concave lens,兩邊一齊係中間凹

    注意,已經係same volume<<<但係有最大的面積,

    咁樣可以 enhance 佢個 rapid diffusion架@~@

    咁樣拎O2 , nutrients , or remove urea and CO2,


    呢個就係red blood cells 的 adaptive feature喇@~@

    2007-08-13 23:49:49 補充:

    所以你諗果陣~要諗relative既兩個red blood cells一個係biconcave ,另一個就唔係的佢地的volume係一樣~即係haemoglobin都可以一樣有咁多~千祈唔好諗左-口-" 一個 biconvex~突然中間少咁d野~咁樣係唔岩架@v@要比較same volume呀~^+++^ 唔會少左haemoglobin 架relatively.

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