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Alice asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago


The people of his day were extremely superstitious, spending an

inordinate amount of time on formal sacrifices that invoked spirits.

When Confucius' ideas that humanity's most pressing concerns

lay in this life were widely adopted, religious matters receded and

social issues moved to the fore.

Since Confucius' time, the Chinese have dontnued without feeling

the need for a single omnipotent god or an exclusive, all-embracing


They have simply referred to the powers above as "heaven," an

impersonal, inscrutable force that drives the universe.

Meanwhile, for the most part they have welcomed all religious

faiths to their land - as long as they do not interfere with social or

governmental concerns.

But, to be on the safe side, many still pay homage to a variety of gods.

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    Source(s): 孔子的好友:林祖媽
  • 1 decade ago

    人民對於天是極端迷信的, 花費無節制的時間和精神在祈求。

    當人類的緊迫宗教事態退後了和社會問題越來越浮現 孔子有關在這生活中想法廣泛被採取了。

    從孔子的理論, 中國人有披上宗教庇護的需要 沒有專屬於對唯一全能的神或一個

    他們"簡單地指上面 力量來自天堂," 駕駛宇宙的客觀, 難解的力量。

    同時, 他們歡迎所有宗教信念到他們的土地- 只要他們不干涉以社會或政府關心。

    但, 卻也非常謹慎, 仍然尊敬到許多各種各樣的神。

    Source(s): 自己 ><”
  • 1 decade ago

    他的天的人民是極端迷信的, 花費無節制的時間在祈求精神的正式犧牲上。

    當人類的緊迫有關位置在這生活中的Confucius 的想法廣泛被採取了, 宗教事態後退了和社會問題被移動向前部。

    從Confucius 的時間, 中國人有dontnued 沒有感到對一個唯一全能的神或一種專屬, 無所不包宗教的需要。

    他們"天堂簡單地指力量上面," 駕駛宇宙的客觀,


    同時, 很大程度上他們歡迎所有宗教信念到他們的土地- 只要他們不干涉以社會或政府關心。

    但, 非常謹慎, 許多仍然付尊敬到各種各樣的神。

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