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  • Kevin
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    It would be more friendly for Taiwanese to communicate in Chinese.


    *[用中文...]=[以中文...]=[in Chinese]

    *[交談]似乎不須逐字照翻, 用[communicate]就可以了.


    I do speak English, and yours is not necessarily better.

    *[yours]=[your English]

    *[better]後面省略了[than mine]

    *[besides]: 此外, 再說, 而且

    *[necessarily]: 必然


    Given that we all have no problem typing Chinese, don't you find it unreasonable to type English instead?

    *[given that ...]: 在...的情況下

    *[have no problem + Ving]=在...方面沒有困難


    *[instead]: 以...代替

  • Celine
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    We are both Taiwanese, it's more communicative if we talk

    in Mandarin. It's not because I don't use English, your

    ability to communicate in English is no better than me.

    If we are able to type Mandarin character, why do we bother

    to type in English. Isn't it so weird?

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    1. 台灣人跟台灣人用中文交談才會比較親近

    I feel it's easier for us to talk to each other in Chinse since we can express ourselves and understand each other better.

    2. 我不是不會說英文,你的英文能力也不見得比我好

    It's not that I can't speak English. Your English is not necessarily better than me.

    3. 如果我們都會打中文,但卻偏偏硬要打英文,這樣不是很奇怪嗎?

    Don't you think it's a little strange to talk in English when we both can speak Chinese?

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    We Taiwanese talking to each other in Chinese can give us more intimat

    e feelings.

    It is not because I cna't speak English, but your English is not really better than mine.

    We all can type Chinese, yet keep forcing ourselves to type English; isn't it very weird?

    P.s 1. intimate - very close in a dear feeling.

    2. "weird" is some what stronger than "strange". Here you can use "strang" or "weird". It's your choice.

    Hi! Anonymous, I understand and agree with your feeling here but if from the view point of learning English (from your friend's point, I guess), your friend could be right.

    So, I suggest that when you write each other, you may mainly write Chinese and few sentences you can try to write in English. After some years later, you should see the reward from the effort you put here.---my experience; not easy, though. (To have your writings to be corrected by English teacher is very very important, too!!!)

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    I feel that we will be closer if Taiwanese chat to Taiwanese in Chinese


    It is not that I can’t speak English and it seems that your English ability is not better than me.


    If we can type in Chinese but instead insisted on typing English, don’t you think is very strange?

  • Zippi
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    1. 台灣人跟台灣人用中文交談才會比較親近

    It's a bit closer for the Taiwanese to use Chinese to talk with each other

    2. 我不是不會說英文,你的英文能力也不見得比我好

    I can't speak English, and your English is no better than me.

    3. 如果我們都會打中文,但卻偏偏硬要打英文,這樣不是很奇怪嗎?

    Don't you think it strange that we must use English when we both can use Chinese?

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