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Who is a better GM Theo "Babyface" Epstein or Brian Cashman?

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    epstein is better. while cashman has quite the track record, he's also had a lot more money, and epstein has done a better job of building a team, not buying pieces, throwing them together and hoping it works. the true measure of a gm isn't how many wins his team has, it's how much money he has to spend to get each win

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    Although I give Cashman credit for not parting ways with a prospect this year, I'll give the edge to Epstein. Theo has cleaned up most of the mess that Dan Douquette left behind (Large contracts to the likes of Manny, etc.) and managed to take the Red Sox farm system from bad to great. He's won the world series more recently than Cashman and seems to know when to walk away from aging players unlike Cashman (Damon, Giambi, etc..).

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    Epstein continually out thinks Cashman. With the Yankees payroll, a baby could put together a good as team as Cashman can.

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    Theo Epstein is best GM than Cashman. Theo was the youngest GM to led his team to World Series in 2004. He won the rights to choice Dice-K over Yankees.

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    Cashman for sure!

    Epstein has made some very bad decisions, which may cost him the playoffs this year. Gagne? ok, what was he thinking, they had the best bull pen in baseball, no the chemistry is destroyed!

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    Cashman is better. The Red Sox keep getting rid of prospects and getting overrated players like Eric Gagne, J.D Drew, Julio Lugo, and Coco Crisp.

    Cashman keeps his prospects and doesn't make trades that don't need to be made. He uses his young talent.

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    Theo Einstein got Eric Gagne and Cashman held onto Joba Chamberlain, so I give Cash the not this year.

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    They are both quite good, but I would take Epstein because he is more creative and is willing to risk more.


  • 1 decade ago much as I hate the Sox!

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