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Was Robin Hood the first Liberal to steal from the rich, and give to the poor?

Didn't he keep much of that money for himself and his "merry men"?

Could the people, who gave him shelter, be considered accomplices?

Did other people end up paying more taxes because of his stealing from public officials?---Did they pay higher prices to the merchants who were robbed?

Would his "merry men" be Democratic politicians if they were alive today?


SHORTBUS---Moses was a rebel, not a Liberal.

Liberals and conservatives only exist in a society that gives it's members some input about how things are managed.

Update 2:

MITCHELL--That would justify Robin leading them in a rebellion, not getting their help to steal.

Update 3:

IITRIX---Did I miss it, or did you just make a very big jump from asking from the rich to stealing from them?

Update 4:

CORAGRYPH---You really must explain that little difference to Ted Kennedy, so he will stop playing Robin Hood.

Update 5:

Why don't the Democrats chase them out of their party?

Update 6:

IITRIX--- I didn't even know that Jesus was such a lousy fisherman, baker, and wine maker.

Perhaps, when he coms back he will practice these skills so that he can live up to that "all powerful, and "all knowing"

reputation of his.

Update 7:

Wolf---So it's O.K. to steal from some one who Liberals don't like.

Were there no nice rich liberals?

Are all Liberals failures?, or are all failures Liberal?

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    First off... is this coragryph guy for real?

    Ahem... I digress... the first lefty to steal from the productive and give to the unproductive was probably either Robin Hood.... or Ted Kennedy.

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    WRONG! Robin Hood stole from the rich, not the merchants. Why? Because the people were starving and were abused by their government. There are no Robin Hoods of today. The Dems have turned their back on the middle class and the poor once again. And, the GOP never gave a rat's butt about anyone making less than a million a year in the first place.

    And, if you really want to know who told the rich to give up their possessions first, it was Christ. Where do you think he got all that fish, bread and wine to feed the poor?

  • 4 years ago

    I agree. i'm getting so ill of listening to liberals apout off approximately how all human beings that has funds the two inherited it, or stole it. My father grew to become right into a blue collar working stiff, who spent 40 5 years interior a similar union, to retire later on. He struggled all his life, and interior the tip, wound up broke and pissed off. He had to make sure me do better, as i do for my infants. I make 4 situations what he did, have a supervisory place, stay in a 350,000 abode in a secure and clean community, and my infants attend deepest colleges. i began off a similar way, as a blue collar worker. I under no circumstances stole something from all of us, and worked and earned each and every thing I even have. If i will do it, all of us can, the version is, I wasnt content cloth to sit down down lower back and take a handout.

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    Robin Hood did NOT steal from the Rich.

    He stole from an Oppressive Government , ruled by the Sheriff of Nottingham.

    And there is NoT Much Difference between Liberals, Socialists, Communists, Fascists, and Nazis.

    Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum. Peas in a Pod.

    They all expect us TaxPayers to work hard and support them!!!!!

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    Yes, that's a great analogy.

    Robin Hood was created because the evil King kept the public downtrodden by taking their possessions and passing laws that give the money to himself and his friends at their expense, much like the Bush administration does now.

    The only difference is that liberals aren't "stealing" any more so than Republicans were stealing when they controlled the Congress and White House and rubber stamped legislation favoring credit card, pharmaceutical, health care, and oil companies at the public's expense.

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    I am not sure he was real. But the roots of liberals is shown clearly.

  • 1 decade ago

    TO Many questions.

    and i was the first liberal.

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    He did support a king.

  • WJ
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    1 decade ago

    there are many similarities, emphasis on the stealing.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Why, because he wears tights he must be gay? Since he's gay he must be liberal? I see how it is.

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