Romantic Restaurant ???

Where in Houston is there to have a nice quiet romantic evening night out? thanks :)

(fiance is flying back from NY!)


Where in Houston would be a great place to have a nice quiet romantic evening dinner at?

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    The Rainbow Lodge has always been a favorite of mine and one of the most romantic restaurants in the city.

    La Tour d'Argent on Ella has wonderful, exquisite cuisine and is very romantic. A log cabin setting, albeit, an elegant one.

    Michaelangelo's has always been a very romantic place with Italian cuisine and a tree in the middle of the restaurant.

    Carmelo's, way out west on Memorial, is very romantic and the moderately priced Italian food is delicious.

    A very expensive place is, Mark's American, but you must have reservations.

    It's also very romantic.

    But, remember most men LOVE steak. Brenner's Ruth Chris ($$$$), Taste of Texas, and Perry's Steakhouse do it up nicely. Saltgrass Steakhouse is a more moderately priced steakhouse.

    But a blanket on the beach, tuna sandwiches, and a bottle of cognac or wine or 7up can be just as romantic!

    Whatever you do, have a great time.

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    First of all, La Tour D'Argent has been closed for some time now. Rainbow Lodge has now taken over that spot.

    In the former Rainbow Lodge location, which is arguably THE MOST romantic place in Houston, the restaurant had been changed to the Lodge at Bayou Bend... until this weekend. Tilman Fertitta and the Landry's group bought it, and it is now Brenner's on the Bayou. I assume the food will be the same as Brenner's, but it will take the staff a little while to get used to the new setup, so the service may be lacking. However, it is a VERY romantic location.

    For something more low key, I'd try Michelangelo's on Westheimer, or Da Marco which is a little further down the street.

    Source(s): Native Houstonian with several years in the Houston restaurant/club business.
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    Agree with Boo Too.

    Also, other favorite of mine:

    * Skyline Grill at top of Hilton America Hotel - 24th floor with great view to downtown Houston, amazing and pretty good food; also quiet

    * Cafe Le Jadeite - wonderful Asian fusion restauarant on West Gray, with beautiful Asian decoration and quiet atmosphere, except when there is live Jazz performance, which gets slightly loud but does add to the atmosphere

    * Chez Nous in Humble, right near the airport, 5 star French restaurant in quiet neighborhood, with very intimate atmosphere and great authentic French cuisine

    * Bice - inside Galleria, always great food, always great quiet atmosphere, and on Tuesday, all wines are 1/2 off. Impeccable service, with wonderful manager overlooking the staff and the quality provided

    * Pesce - great seafood restaurant on Kirby and West Alabama, wonderful seafood and very wonderful atmosphere, fresh seafood and great selection of wine

    In general, I would avoid the steakhouses in Houston for romantic dinner. Despite of the amazing quality of food, most of them get to be too loud - including Pappa's brother, Vic and Anthony, Strip House, Morton's, Fleming's, etc - thereby ruining any opportunity to catch up.

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    i'm doubtful how previous you're, yet staggering this could be a advice... The Sky Room in long coastline is romantic. it particularly is on the actual floor (14th) of the Breakers motel, which replaced into equipped indoors the 20's, you get a 360 degree view of LB and the harbor. in addition they have stay bands (retro massive band stuff or according to probability flamenco) and a dance floor. The Sky Bar is rather severe-high quality for earlier or after dinner drinks. you would be able to take a seat exterior on the terrace finding out on the harbor and port which seems outstanding cool at night. take a glance on the internet internet website and you will see photos of the eating place, bar and the perspectives. sure, you're able to get her a as much as date.

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    The most romantic restaurant in Houston is Crappito's, trust me on this one... The atsmosphere is very nice and the dishes are delicious.

    Here is the their website


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    307 Westheimer Rd

    Houston TX 77006


    Great Italian food. This place is converted house with smaller rooms for intimate dinning or a larger room with a piano.

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    The Spindletop on top of Hyatt Regency Downtown , (713)646-6999

    Rainbow Lodge: used to be near town but they moved : , 713) 861-8666

    Brownstone Restaurant. , (713) 520-5666 - 2736 Virginia St

    The Palm:

    6100 Westheimer Avenue · Houston, TX 77057 · 713.977.2544

    They're expensive but good

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    I'm going to agree with CP regarding Carmelo's. Great restaurant, reasonable prices, wonderful service. They're on Memorial, between Dairy Ashford and Eldridge... arrrrgh what is the name of that intersection... you should be able to see St. John Vianney church from the corner.

    EDIT: Please do not end sentences in prepositions (at).

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    You have a lot of very good choices.

    One place I did not see mentioned is Vargo's. It is at Fondren at Westheimer. (Just north of Westheimer on the curve of Fondren)

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    Any joint where I don't have to spend more than $10 on the date.

    Now that's hot!

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