How are Jews supposed to recognise the Messiah when he comes?

I was brough up as a Jew, and OT prophecies say he will arrive one day, but how will we know him? Could it be a woman instead?

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    Recognising the messiah is easy- if the messiah does what he is meant to do, then the person is the messiah. So, what is the messiah meant to do?

    1) Bring world peace

    2) Rebuild the temple

    3) Sacrifice a parah adumah (Red heffer- needed to purify us from tumas meit)

    4) Reintroduce the full temple service

    5) Gather all the Jews back in Israel

    6) Resurrect the dead

    7) Get the rest of the nations of the world to view the Jews as priests to them

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    There are certain things that the Messiah would do so that we all may know him. This is not some nice guy who shows up and performs miracles.

    Instead the Messiah is someone who will come and unit the world, start world peace and wake up all mens hearts to the reality of the one true G-d. These are the bigger of the many prophecies that the Messiah will fulfill.

    When the Messiah comes, it will be known. There will be no questions, no doubts. We all will know who he is.

    Could it be a woman? I don't know. It is shown in the Tanakh as a man. Which is why the Messiah is called 'he'.

    There are many Messianic prophecies recognized by the Jews in the Tanakh, if you are interested.

  • Nancy
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    Hi. 1. The line of David certainly still exists. Jews maintain our lineage as needed. For example, I descend from Aaron, Moses' brother. And this is important. There are some Mitzvot that are specific to me and to my descendants. There are some weird conspiracy theories I have heard from Christians about this e.g., "those Jews kept all their family histories at the library of alexandria and when it burned, they lost everything..." We still have it. And we don't make "political leaders" out of those descendants. But, we do sometimes joke around that in the messianic age, they will be in their old roles. As an heir to Aaron, the high priest, if the messiah should come today, I would go back to working in the Temple as a Kohen. And sometimes some people may joke around with me..."put in a good word when you go to work in the Temple..." But, it is a joke. 2. There are 613 Mitzvot in the Bible. Not a single one requires anyone to recognize the Messiah. Nil. Imagine that. We are supposed to avoid blasphemy. We are supposed to let fruit trees lie fallow for a few years. But, recognizing the messiah. meh. When the messiah comes, there will be world peace. All of it. No one will sin. No one will fight about religion. It will be obvious to everyone.

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    There will NOT BE a Messiah for the Jews. The requirements are impossible to meet. The one that got the title, Jesus, got it by the great production of his uncle, John, his friend and supporter, Mary Magdalen, and the psychopath, Saul. The Messiah issue is finished.

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  • Anonymous
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    Forget all about that for now

    There is a protected place on earth we found that is where the light is, we are going to regoup and begin to restore all the order from Error that was made in Terror and fear and now we are going to show Love and Peace as you see Spiderman died with his attitude now we have to find reasons for the light and see if it has link on earth. We found proof of the East holding a precious light on its wing. Salam

    We are asking for order and peace inshAllah love they brother and neighbour we will return to a different order inshAllah be khair, much is not understood but what is given is more than enough to see the light.

    Khair InshAllah Salam


    We love you all and please love each other inshAllah - All books left unto man, point to a Promise Land, its not where they said it is, we been flying around it for a while but needed Al Quran to find it.

    Khair inshAllah - hahaha thats what they been saying is Khair well here we go Khair we go! Come on Anna I get it now! Salam

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    Well the literature says "ben david" the son of david, so I assume it will be a man. There a prophecies as to how to recognise him, as well as the oral tradition reveals a tremendous amount of detail. This was traditionally passed from teacher to student, but then part of it had to be written down.

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    Salam Alaikum

    Apparently he is to come from the top of the Rock of the Dome or is that Dome of the Rock sorry I kept hammering on my head so much when I was a boy I near broke the couch appart


    Source(s): hey did I say that right, well Lord Blessed unto thee father in heaven and on earth.. somewhere if we haven't dug him up yet, well he would be nice to take a small peice for sample but I am sure Allah Tahala would put it back for him maybe or is that I am maybe sure of something kinda? huh?Shazwat :)
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    Since you ask about gender- I read somewhere that for symbolic reasons, the previous nine great redemptions were brought about by women, and the final redemption will be brought about by a man. So the Messiah will probabably be male.

    As for the other messianic criteria, allonyoav has already listed them.

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    not 100% about all the details but the Messiah will be a man and their are four or five signs one of which is a red heifer

  • Cathy
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    That person will fulfill the prophecies of the Messiah.

    If you have some time, there's a detailed description in this "book" beginning on page 41.

    If not, here's a "checklist."

    Source(s): I'm Jewish.
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