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Why do Whites tell Blacks to get over slavery, but don't tell Jews to get over the Holocaust??

Most Blacks don't even brings up slavery, it's usually White people who say, "you guys are living in the past." Yet really, the Black person in question is talking about some current recent event that was in the last 2 months or 2 years,. yet the White person pretends the Black person is really talking about slavery. just because the White person is embarrased that White people are still the most racist so they try to do a bait and switch and blame it on the past, when most Blacks focus on the racism of the present. Are White people mad that they still ACT like slave owners? Never mind there's no proof that the Holocaust even happened, it was all the way over in Germany, we could have been tricked.


Thank you! Thank you! I am glad you guys stopped in to read this!

Update 2:

Brittany7790 is showing that she went to public school, yes only a few thousands of Jews were killed in the Holocaust, millions upon millions of Blacks were killed in the Trans Atlantic slave trade and on the plantations, you need to read up on the Middle Passage. The Holocaust only lasted 39 years and slavery 380, the murder rate is uncomparable. It's so nice to have attended Oxford.

Update 3:

Tatiana, I know sentences start with capitals, I'm just not in the mood to correct every typo in a silly online forum.

Update 4:

Mr. Two Crows made an excellent point. White people hate talking about the past, unless it's the part the convienences THEM! I am so sick of St. Patricks's day, Little Italy, and hearing White people bring up all their anscestors from the PAST. White America's problem is they don't have to take the good with the bad!

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  • Ella
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    1 decade ago
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    2007 is the bicentenary of the abolition of the slave trade in the United Kingdom.

    Since January I've seen ample events marking this historic occasion - here's a website link

    When was the last time we marked the anniversary of liberating Auschwitz?

    Oh, and if you can find even one person who remembers being a slave before the abolition, I'm sure we'll all shut up.

    Source(s): Wow, you want to talk about racism...? I think you'll find that sweeping generalisations about a people based on their skin colour is considered racist. Bloodonmyfreed, who do you think we might be describing here, hmm? Get some therapy, retard.
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Which whites tell blacks to get over slavery? I don't believe that. And while it's true that there is still racism in this country, I do not buy your assertion that white people ACT like slave owners. And couldn't you have asked this question leaving out the part about Jews and the Holocaust? Couldn't you have just said "Why do whites tell blacks to get over slavery"? You don't care about blacks; you just wanted to let everyone know you don't like Jews. Okay, that's your right, but I have to tell you that no Jew cares about what you or the people like you think; it has no effect on us and we will still be happy, successful and contented people...even though....get this....YOU don't like us.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Wow, you really are a complete, no-nothing dick. People do (unjustly so) tell the Jews to stop talking about the Holocaust (I can think of at least one example on this site alone), just as they (unjustly so) tell blacks to stop talking about slavery. You know, you're a genralising bastard about white people, but I don't even care. Just the fact that you are so stupid and have no idea about the Holocaust (it never happened? Hmm, I wonder how we've got so much proof for it - read a f*cking book, assh*le) makes me sick to my stomach. People can talk about whatever they want - stop taking it out on the Jews because you got pissed off.

    EDIT: You went to Oxford? Funny how you didn't learn to start a sentence with a capital: "the Black person is really talking about slavery. just because".

    Second edit: Okay, you point out Brittany7790's poor schooling, claiming she's showing "that she went to public school"; surely, if you went to Oxford, you'd know that Public School is the English term for Private School? I mean, with that in mind, your point would make no sense. I'm just going to come out and say what we're all thinking: You never went to Oxford, did you?

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  • 1 decade ago

    "Never mind there's no proof that the Holocaust even happened, it was all the way over in Germany, we could have been tricked."

    Keep talking, your only telling the rest of us why we should pay you no attention what-so-ever. You need to deal with your hate and come to the realization that 90% of us are moving on with our lives (both black and white) and its just the 5-10% on the fringe in both races that keep this crap alive.

    Now go tell Farrakhan what a good job you did today and soak up some more hatred and racism.

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  • 1 decade ago

    There are no black slaves left and no black slave owners. There ARE survivors of the Holocaust left. My wife's family is good friends with one survivor who lives here in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

    Many of the whites, most probably, in America aren't even RELATED to any slave owners. So why should every white be blamed for what a FEW whites did. My family only came to this country in the late 1930's and I was born here, so don't go pushing that slavery crap on me and MY ancestors (some have tried it and I quickly educated them).

    One don't have to be WHITE to be a RACIST and if you think one HAS to be white to be racist, you're only fooling yourself.

    The Holocaust never happened? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Are you that uneducated or are you Iranian? Hundreds and thousands lied about the Holocaust? U.S. Soldiers lied about what they saw at the concentration camps? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    The Holocaust didn't just happen to happened to a LOT of folks beside the Jews. Did you sleep through world history class or just not take it?

    Man, you gotta quit doin those illicit drugs, they've fried your brain!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yes slavery happened, And it was a hideous Hannis thing. But The slaves were freed......remember? Why all the hate, Man it sounds like you are full of it. I'm sorry but there is a ghetto spirit that many of the African American people need deliverance from......You may say "WHAT!?!, please allow me to explain.....Children are not born with hate, intolerance, shame. They don't see any difference in people. Its as they grow that the adults begin to shape and mold their thinking. Why keep the wound open? God freed the slaves, so why keep telling each other, yeah the white man has all the opportunity's, while we are trapped in this ghetto, We as Black Americans have every opportunity as the White, The Jew, Hispanic etc.... AND the white Americans could say That The Black Americans get all kinds of grants aid etc... I think that We as African Americans need to get a Vision, Other than racism. This is a new time! Lets stop teaching hate! Black Americans are sometimes more prejudice than any other race. STOP THE HATE!!!@!!!!! I myself know both sides I am of mixed ethnic's and I have recieved more cruelty from my African American people, So please get a new vision.

    • Ama6 years agoReport

      There were Holocaust survivors, too, dumbass. Millions of slaves were also killed.

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  • 4 years ago

    Well, no one should ever forget Slavery, because it is still happening in some form even today. You're the first Black person I've heard of that says White people say this to you. I am a white American and I've never heard a white person say that. I don't really know any Jewish people, so I can't comment on that except to say the Holocaust was also a horrible atrocity and none of these tragic historical events should ever be forgotten. Personally, I think that all White Europeans were horrible people, at least from a Historical perspective: Slavery, Colonialism, The Spanish Inquisition, etc. The Monarchs & the the Aristocrats have governed the world for way too long. Native Americans (American Indians) had there land stolen away from them or taken by military force. The United States was built on slavery and sadly could not have existed without it. When some one says you should forget something as horrible as Slavery or the Holocaust, ask them about a time when someone made them feel inferior, bullied or physically abused them and they were helpless to do anything about it. If they remember, then they haven't forgotten their own suffering. So why should you or anyone else feel differently about yours?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    We do not have an exact census, but scholars estimate that just as many slaves died in the journey and capturing as did that actually made it to the New World to be slaves. They estimate 4.5 million slaves made it here and they believe at least that many died. So as far as body count we are talking about the same numbers here, but you also have to consider that Africans have been able to flourish and multiply way beyond those numbers in the New World. Both are bottom points in history I would not tell anybody to forget about either.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Right on Brother!

    And while we're at it, why don't we horrible white people go and kick the **** out of the Normans for making us serfs 1000 years ago?

    And as a Scot, I might mosey across the border and start smacking the English around as payback for the Highland Clearances.


    Source(s): Get a life!
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  • beachy
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    they do, it's the blacks that bring up the slavery and reparations due to them, not the Jews. The jews worked hard to get where they are in todays society, enough said. And why should we be embarrased about slavery? We weren't even born then, and the blacks were selling their own people off to the whites, did you ever learn that in school? I doubt it.

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