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Military Wives?

I got this from myspace and thought it was funny and wanted to keep it going...

Being a Soldiers Wife isnt always easy, but ask one of us if we'd give it up & you will hear a resounding "HELL NO!"

(Feel Free to add on ladies!)

A Few Thing You Should Know About REAL MILITARY WIVES!!!

1. We know the difference between BDU's & ACU's and what both acronyms stand for (army wife).

2. When our men come home late from work, we dont complain. we are just happy to sleep next to them tonight.

3. We would NEVER dream of calling our husbands work/boss and complaining

4. We know that endless hours and shitty pay is just the way things are in the military and we deal with it

5. No matter who you are, come a few days before the first and the fifteenth you are broke as HELL!

6. Unlike what the public would like to think we are well aware that our husbands paychecks do NOT go up in value when we have a child.

C'mon ladies add on...


7. we dont plan when we make or serve dinner around the time our husbands will be home because we know that each day the time is different

8. while other women complain that there signifigant others are out of town for the weekend on business, we are quite used to be home alone while our men our out in the field or training for days, weeks, months...

9. we know how to iron, fold, and prepare every article of clothing every issued to our husbands

10. while many women would yell at their husbands for leaving their shoes on the living room floor, we are thanking God to see his boots anywhere they damn well seem fit to land!

11. we know that unless you are crazy or in dyer need, you dont go to the commissary on payday

12. we memorize our husbands social security numbers before our own

Update 2:

After the first ladies response...let me make this a question...

can you add on to this list?

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    - Military wives learn to fix dryers, vacuum cleaners, clothes washers, dishwashers, bicycles, and anything else that decides to break down just as our men get deployed....simply because we would rather save the money for other necessary things.

    - We would rather relax in our backyards with 20 of our closest friends drinking a cold beer, grilling hotdogs and letting the kids run around than eat in the fanciest places...because we are all one family and we never take that for granted.

    -We know the real value of a Power of Attorney when our guys are deployed.

    - Contrary to popular belief....we pay rent, yes even in Military housing. And we pay more than civilians would for comparable housing...but we don't complain because when you have an emergency at 3am, you know your neighbor will be there for you.

    -We can read an LES and fully understand the coding and deductions, and predict that it will be a "tight" month.

    -We know how to pack a duffle bag with 16 months worth of gear...and still have room for the precious items.

    -We know which MRE is our hubby's favorite, and avoid cooking anything similar to chicken for the first 2 months of their return from deployment.

    - Our kids can tell the difference between a Chinook and a Blackhawk, an Abrams from a Bradley, and a Humvee from a Hummer.

    -We cry when we hear the Star Spangled Banner and see our flag being raised because we fully understand its meaning...and we do so without shame.

    -We don't worry what Washington DC does...we're more concerned that our soldiers are unified and lead well within their Units.

    -FRG meetings mean we don't have to cook a whole meal for the night.

    -We don't confuse Rank with authority.

    - We take care of our own and ask nothing from anyone. We don't need to be given respect...we've earned it.

    God Bless the Silent Ranks.

    Just curious who knows about this one:

    -Stock up on Preperation H and Saran wrap before weigh-ins in case he has to get taped....and still think he's sexy as hell.

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  • Stella
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    4 years ago

    Indeed the wives who are faithful to their husbands when they go off for extended periods of time are to be highly commended. The weak ones will cheat on their husbands when they get lonely. God bless both the military husbands/wives and their service for their country. And don't listen to the superliberal democrats - the military is a very noble organization and those involved are excellent people. I am very happy to see that not all women are slutty, "easy" girls and that some still take relationships seriously serious.

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  • Anonymous
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    And while we are rearranging the budget to fit the unexpectant in, we bake a loaf of bread for our husbands buddy that lives in that barrcks and invte them over for dinner so that they can have a homecooked meal instead of DFAC food or take out. We some how always keep everything going soothly eventhough we think that things are falling apart.


    And make cookies for FRG, and volunteer to be a friends lamaze coach since her husband is deployed, and make a blanket for the next baby shower, and watch other peoples kids so they can run to the bank, go shopping, get the car fixed etc

    And count calories so that we can keep our husbands in shape so that they can fit into their Class A's and attend every military party, function or celebration in the cold that starts a 1/2 hour late when you have a tired, hungery , cranky kid

    Another Edit:

    And making Army sock monkeys for all your neices and nephews and then you husbands buddies that think they are cool. And listening to hours of Korean and watching Korean movies so your husband can practise while relaxing and spending time with you (I have now come to love Korean flicks and reading sub-titles) And smile when he smile when he comes home in his NASTY smelling PT's and and washing them seperatly so that they do not contaminate the other dirty clothes and then Febreezing the car when he drives his buddies home from PT as well - Oh that smells.

    And then just smiling and thanking God when he falls asleep on the couch before dinner with your son laying on his chest

    Source(s): Army wife and brat
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  • 1 decade ago


    While I'm not a military wife YET, I'm a soon to be Marine Wife.

    You're so right on everything you just said, another thing for people

    If you want to meet the strongest people on the face of the world, meet a military wife.

    They are the strongest because we put up with everyone's bullshit and We are also the strongest because like your number 2 statment, we don't see our husbands every day, and our husbands might die in their line of work!!


    *** you don't care if he comes home dirty, sweaty, smelly, or exhausted, your just glad he's home in your arms.

    ***When he calls and complains about his rough day, the last thing you think about is telling him how rough your day might have been. You just smile, tell him your doing fine and that you miss him...because any chance you get to talk to him might be the last.

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    I have a magnet on my fridge that says "Boots - $85 Beret - $15 Having them home on the floor - PRICELESS!"

    I have to second the comment about other women complaining because their husband's travel for work. "I know just how you feel - my husband is gone 1 week every month." Oh I could just hit them...

    My favorite - being "Household 6" and knowing that he knows damn well who's in charge at home!

    Source(s): Army wife!
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    LMAO numbers 5 and 11 are my favorite. Oh how many days we have counted our change to see how many days worth of meals we can get til payday!!! And then of course we HAVE to go to the commissary on payday because we have no food. I love the list!! All so true!

    And if my husbands paychecks went up with each child, I just might consider 10 or 12 rugrats! *giggle* not really.

    Source(s): Proud Army wife, 3rd ID
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    ** The word "care" in Tricare is misleading

    ** when someone complains about not talking to their boyfriend that day, you hold back a laugh and a tear because it could be weeks until you hear anything from him.

    ** You live on a tight budget while he's deployed but still spend a little extra on his favorite cookies, candy and deoderant, cause you know it will make him smile when he gets it in the mail

    ** You live on a tight budget, but when he uses the debit card over there and over draw the account but you smile a little cause its a sign he's OKAY

    **Even though the Post office is Always packed the Postal employees know you by name

    **You could sprain your ankle and break two fingers trying to fix the dryer, but you don't tell him because the LAST thing you want while hes gone is for him to worry about you.

    Source(s): PROUD US ARMY WIFE :-)
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  • 1 decade ago

    What number are we on ?

    Are very understanding when he gets a bit grouchy when he can only eat salads a few days before tape...LOL

    During long deployments we actually wish to come home to an ACU top and hat on the the dining room table..

    Proud Army Wife!! HOOAH!!

    Oh yea...We don't dare complain about how it went up to 97 degrees today when its 124 where he is...

    Almost forgot..the Preparation H and Saran wrap comment made me laugh out loud...any civilian wife really wont understand that one..LOL Thats really one of our lil secrets!!

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    why does it ALWAYS go belly up when the ship has barely left the know the dash to the hospital with badly cut child, the car catching fire and when you finally get back from that find the dog has up chucked over the clean laundry BUT when he calls cos his phone is still in range, you take deep breath and tell him everything is going fine......................

    oh and if nothing else AT LEAST military women have a sense of humour along with a stiff drink lol lol

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  • LB67
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    1 decade ago

    we invite single soldiers from the barracks over for Thankgiving because its too far for them to travel home on a 4 day weekend.

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