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Anonymous asked in SportsMartial Arts · 1 decade ago

is ther anyone in south australia that teaches judo or ju jitsu for a reasonable price?

if so who where etc

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Below is some contact numbers to call .Call the ones that are nearest and ask some of these questions. I think if you look around you will find one that is reasonable

    * Do you have a trial program?

    * How much is a trial program? (Ranges from free to 50 dollars and from one class(free) to one month).

    *Call all of your listed schools before you schedule any introductory lessons.

    Kodokan Judo Association S.A.

    917a South Road


    (08) 8371 4055

    President: R. Bailey

    Secretary: S. Bailey

    Treasurer: A. Case

    Adelaide Aikijitsu & Judo Club


    Gilles Street Primary School

    125 Gilles Street


    Contact: Dante Roccisano Phone: 8352 8448 Mobile: 0422 600 238

    Coaches: Dante Roccisano, Andrew Skrzypiec, Hans van Gelder & Mark Overton

    Adelaide University Judo Club

    Location:Adelaide Uni Thebarton Campus

    Bldg 5, Winwood Street

    Thebarton 5031


    Contact: Karelyn Curran Phone: 8352 5142 Mobile: 0413 359 407

    Coaches: Michael Headland Rokudan, L Hall, & M Miller Nidan & Karel Curran Shodan

    Burside Youth Club-Judo inc.

    Location: Glenunga International High School School Gymnasium L'Estange Street


    Contact: Niel Daly Phone: 8336 7229

    Coaches: Niel Daly Shodan & Rob Ingham

    Flinders University Judo Club

    Location: Flinders Uni Campus Sturt Gymnasium

    Sturt Drive (entry via Carpark 13a)


    Contact: Peter Ross Phone: 8296 8720

    Coaches: Shane Pounsett Nidan, Peter Ross Shodan

    Kangaroo Judo Club inc.

    Location: Norwood Morialta High School Large Gymnasium

    505 The Parade MAGILL

    Contact: Christine Hustig Phone: 8332 1785

    Coaches: Harry Hustig Sandan & Christine Hustig Sandan


    Leopard Judo Club

    Location: Hallett Cove East Primary School

    School Gymnasium , Quailo Avenue


    Contact: Robert Pearce Phone: 8382 1221


    Robert Pearce Yondan & Christine Dale Shodan

    Parafield Gardens Judo Club

    Location: Parafield Gardens Community Club

    Shepherdson Road


    Contact: Pauline Dale Phone: 8283 0906

    Coaches: Neil Ballard Rokudan, Melanie Lindsell Shodan

    Port Augusta Judo Club

    Location: Hannagan Street PORT AUGUSTA

    Contact: Kevin Freeman Phone: 8642 4642 Mobile: 0427 803 702

    Coaches: Kevin Freeman Godan

    Scorpion Judo & Martial Arts Centre

    Location: O'Sullivan Beach Sports & Community Centre Incorporated Main Gymnasium Cnr Galloway Rd & Marine Dr


    Contact: Kevin Knox Phone: 8296 0916 Mobile: 0412 455 923

    Coaches: Kevin Knox - Head Coach

    Godan (5th Degree Black Belt)

    Tiger Judo Club

    Location: Northfield Primary School

    School Gymnasium, North Avenue


    Contact: Cherrly Douglas Phone: 8281 8242

    Coaches: Brenton Pring Yondan, Barbara Shugg Shodan & Tony Barks Shodan


    Tumby Bay Judo Club

    Location:Scout Hall West Tce


    Contact: Ann Bawden Phone: 8688 2540

    Coaches: Sandy Arancelovic

    Uni of South Australia Judo Club


    Nixon Street GAWLER

    Contact: Perce Drummond Phone: 8522 5525

    Coaches: Percy Drummond Godan, Michael Drummond Godan & Rick Hudson Shodan

    Uni of South Australia Judo Club


    Activities Room, Level 2 North Tce ADELAIDE

    Contact: Perce Drummond Phone: 8522 5525

    Coaches: Perce Drummond Godan

    Western Youth Centre Judo Club

    Location:Western Youth Centre

    79 Marion Road COWANDILLA

    Contact: Graham Mines Phone: 8277 3826

    Coaches: Max Mines Yondan & Graham Mines Yondan

    Whyalla Judo Club

    Location: Judo Hall Jubilee Park

    Jenkins Avenue Extentions


    Contact: Mark Asperti Phone: 8644 0431

    Coaches: David Macdonald Sandan & Kieran Turnbull

    Woodcroft College Judo Club

    Location:O'Sullivan Beach Sports & Community Centre Incorporated , Main Gymnasium

    Cnr Galloway Rd & Marine Dr


    Contact: Judy Jones Phone: 8387 5442

    Coaches: Judy Jones & Steve Bradbury

    I wish you the best,

    Devin Willis

    Source(s): Kodokan Judo Association S.A. How To Choose A Martial Arts School For Your Child From Diana Davila
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  • Karen
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    I've studied an Okinawan form of Ju Jitsu most of my life so I'm partial to Ju Jitsu. As someone already pointed out Ju Jitsu gave birth to Judo, and the founders of Aikido incorporated many of the techniques found in Ju Jitsu. No matter which one you ultimately choose. Your own dedication will be the determining factor in whether you become proficient,or not. As we know the main thing in choosing an Art is getting a good instructor. This can not be stressed enough. Find an instructor you can relate to,and you're on your way. I say this because if you have an instructor you relate to. Your training doesn't get boring, or feel more like a job than it's supposed to be. You've made great choices already in narrowing down what Arts you would like to learn. So have fun, and best of luck to you.

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  • 3 years ago

    Judo South Australia

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  • mp01
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago

    probably, but not for a reasonable price

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  • well all you have to do is search it on google but yeah probably but price probably not

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