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AP World History HELP!! On civilizations?

Identify the river valley civilzations and provide 2 characteristics of each.

Identify 2 indian civilizations during the classical period and provide 2 characteristics of each.

Identify 4 chinese civizations during the classical period, and provide 2 charateristics of each.

Pls help!

Thank you so much!

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    You would get better cooperation from the History Wonks if you break your question up - - - 'we' love to display our awesome array of knowledge but at 2 pts a pop we often stop at one 'brilliant' disertation. Mark a lot of that up to frustation over giving first rate informative answers and being rearded with the aforemention 2 pts and losing out to 'My Girls C--- smells Funky' (note, Yamsters, C plus a plus t spells cat)..

    Will show off my brilliance by answering ONE as an Example......

    A) Egyptian and the Missipippi Mound Builders both adapted their lives to the eternal flow of a mighty River. They benefited from fertile soil and water which could be channeled into irrigation ditches and canals, and by providing stability for food stuffs the rivers wealth provided people with the time needed to develope further technlogy. In America the MOund builders built up high ground for high floods and thus became builders and engineers. Equally the Egyptians understood the importance of building and began developing the same skills...


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    Ap international historical past is plenty greater wide than ap euro, so much less particular practise. in spite of the shown fact that, an AP point try on -each and everything that has ever occurred ever- is a sprint intimidating. I have been given a 5 on Ap international, so i could advise international historical past

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