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Ever since my daughter was born 3 years ago I have'nt been reading any of the x-men comics ? Can someone tell me what's been going on especially with gambit and rouge..


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    In quick summary, Jean Grey dies but Colossus and Psylocke are back. Most of Earth's mutant population is depowered, and the X-men are facing the "extinction" of their species.

    Now, I'm just going to name some major titles.

    In X-Men: Phoenix, the Phoenix force comes back. Having met Jean Grey as Phoenix, Wolverine tries to kill her. Emma Frost called all X-men around the world to focus their "love" on Jean Grey. Jean Grey fights off the Phoenix Force, tells Cyclops to kill her, and dies.

    In House of M, mutant Quicksilver uses her sister Scarlet Witch with help of Magneto and Xavier to manipulate the Earth into a new reality where mutants are the dominating species in politics around the world. However, a coalition of superheroes and few villians tries fight off the "House of Magnus" government controlling the mutant nation. Magneto regains his lost memory from which Scarlet Witch erased from everyone. Magneto attacks his son Quicksilver, but Scarlet Witch interferes and said the three magical words: "No more mutants." Earth is suddenly brought back... but with only about 200 mutants left on Earth, having 90+ percent of Earth's mutants suppressed/depowered.

    In Decimation, mutants around the world face their current states. Without powers, many mutants die or collapse in their hero/villain career, notably Magneto. Xavier is gone. Nearly all of Xavier Institute's students are depowered, including major X-men characters such as Iceman and Jubilee.

    In 198, US government uses Sentinel robots to "monitor" the Xavier Insitute and a "refugee camp" nearby housing most of the registered 198 remaining mutants.

    In X-men: Deadly Genesis, Xavier's "bad side" is revealed. Gabriel Summers (energy-based codename Vulcan enhanced by powers of depowered mutants) enters as the third sibling of the Summers family. Vulcan kills Banshee and defeats the X-men numerous times. He abandons Earth and involves himself in Shi'ar Empire affair. A coalition of X-men characters tries to stop him. However, they failed, but Xavier regains his power. Then, a new team of Starjammers including Marvel Girl, Havok, and Polaris is formed to stop Vulcan.

    In Civil War, the X-men declared neutral in the SHRA. However, Bishop joined the government in helping to "control" the mutants division. Once, the 198 escapes and flees. A combination of the X-men and government help saved the 198.

    Currently in World War Hulk, the X-men fights Hulk. Hulk easily defeats the X-men and other X-teams including Juggernaut. But, Angel joins Hulk as an ally.

    Currently in X-Men: Endangered Species, Beast, asking help from nine of the world's most dangerous villains including Spiral, Mister Sinister, the High Evolutionary, and Doctor Doom is on a quest to help save mutant kind from extinction.

    Currently in the normal plotline, Minster Sinister forms a new group of Marauders to target and terminate certain mutants from his plans. Rogue, currently without Ms. Marvel's power and with Sunfire's power, is shot down by Mystique. Cyclops, Emma Frost, Beast, and Wolverine are taken down. Cable supposably dies to sacrifice himself and his Providence to stop Gambit and Sunfire from stealing information about the future. Cannonball and Iceman flees from battle to warn Colossus and Shadowcat. However, they are engaged in a fight with a second group of villains.

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