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What exactly does "waxing" mean?

i know it is a process to remove hair put say if you got your eyebrows waxed, what do they do and how much does it cost?

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    What they do is put hot wax (It doesn't burn you) on the part of the eyebrow they want to remove. Then they use a piece of paper/fabric and press it firmly on the wax. Usually then will count and then pull it off like you would a bandaid. Then viola, all that hair is gone in one easy step.

    Eyebrow waxing isn't very expensive but the price varys where you go. The place down the street from my house charges $7.

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    best for: legs, arms, bikini line, brows, toes, fingers, and upper lip.

    how it works: warm or softened wax is applied to the skin and pulled off (using a piece of fabric of strip wax), removing the hair at the root.

    Feels Like: a very hard slap.

    lasts for: Youu'll be smooth for two to three weeks. But you can't wax until the hair is 1/4" long.

    how-to: Apply wax in the direction of hair growth, and pull it off quickly in the opposite direction while holding skin taut. Start with small 2" by 4" sections to get the hang of it. try sugar waxes your first time- they're water-soluble, so if you can't stand the pain, you can wipe off the wax with a damp washcloth.

    at the salon: make sure the aesthetician doesn't double-up the waxing stick. She should apply the wax, throw out the stick, and use a clean one to prevent the spread of bacteria. Also ask if she has a state-issued cosmetologist or aesthetician license.

    Cost: $20 and up for bikini, $10 and up for brows, and $30 and up for arms or legs at the salon. You could get it done cheaper at some places. Watch for ads or sales.

    Source(s): Seventeen magazine, June 2007
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    For eyebrows, they'll apply the hot wax (it's not TOO hot...don't worry!) to the hairs they want to come out. Then they'll take a strip of cloth and apply it over the wax, so it sticks. They'll count to 3 and then rip the cloth off. If they're good, they'll apply pressure immediately after pulling the cloth off, and then they'll put a cooling balm over that skin. The skin around your eyebrows will be sort of red and sensitive for the next few hours, but it's not too bad.

    Waxing pulls hair out by the root. Shaving just cuts it off at the surface, but since waxing pulls it out by the root, that's why it lasts longer.

    Price varies by salon, but usually it's around $5 or $10 to get your eyebrows waxed. More for legs and bikini area.

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    Waxing your eyebrows means they put wax on hair that needs to be removed and a little strip and strip away stray eyebrow hair, it's the same as waxing body hair. The cost varies depending on where you go, anywehre from $15 and up,.

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    You can do it yourself for VERY little money! My wife buys the wax at a beauty supply house, heats it herself with a candle, and applies it (the hot wax) to her "hairy" areas (like eyebrows). Once it cools, she RIPS it off.

    It hurts!

    Rent the movie, The 40 Year Old Virgin, for a comical presentation of the waxing process and the pain involved. (He was gettings lots of chest hair removed.)

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    they put a hot wax onto the unwanted hair on your eyebrows, then rip it off using a little strip or paper, the place i go to costs about $15.00.

    --hope this helps!

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    they take this hot waxy thing, put it on your eyebrows(where its growing) and pulls it off...its costs $7 and

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