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How does the .45 GAP compare to the .45 ACP?

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    The .45 Glock-Automatic-Pistol round was created to duplicate the performance of the .45 acp in a .9mm pistol platform. In other words, a .45 for smaller hands.

    The GAP is a higher pressure round than the .45 acp. It has to be to catch up to the .45 acp. Some people believe it is actually a better stopper, but that remains to be seen. Ballistically, at least on paper, they do compare favorably but...

    The .45 GAP is harder to find, it is more expensive, only a few companies load it, it doesn't interchange with the .45 acp. If you've got one, cool. If you have money to burn, you might want to buy one of each and compare for yourself. Otherwise, I'd stick with the acp unless I wanted something more powerful then I'd go with the .10mm or .357 Sig.



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    Ballistics wise, the GAP is a higher pressure round than the ACP. However, the acp has longer brass and can therefore hold more powder. An acp in +p or +p+ is abundantly more powerful than any gap on the market because of the powder amount it can hold. The GAP was originally made to offer shooters a .45 caliber gun in the size of a .40 or 9mm envelope. Then Springfield came out with the XD .45 acp which was a 45 that holds 12+1 rounds of acp in a gun almost the same size as their 9mm and .40 XDs. When that happened, the gap was made obsolete. The gap is a solution to a non-existent problem. GLOCK's sales of their gap pistols are terrible, and I rarely see gap ammo on the shelves. I would be surprised if it is still around much longer.

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    Bound's hubby here:

    The .45 GAP has a shorter overall length than the .45 ACP so it can fit in to a Glock handgun. Performance-wise, the .45 GAP is less powerful than the .45 ACP and not developing a following like the .45 ACP has. A point to keep in mind, in competition, especially CMP matches, you must use the .45 ACP. You can not use a .45 AR or a .45 GAP.

    Good luck.

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    To summarize the other answers...

    For standard ammunition, the two are basically the same. With .45 ACP you can upload the pressures (+P), and get a little more velocity than with the .45 GAP.

    The .45 GAP is slightly shorter than the ACP, and subsequently has to operate at higher pressures to propel the same weight bullet at the same speed as the the ACP.

    ACP seems to be more versatile from a purely numbers perspective. The real advantage to the GAP is the fact that it is found in handguns with a norrower grip, so people with smaller hands can get similar fire power to the ACP.

    I have very large hands, so I see no reason not to use handguns built for the ACP, but that is just me.

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    It comes in second place at best, and that only because there is only 2 on the list.

    Why pay more money for a Name.

    Because that all you get with the GAP.


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    .45 GAP is shorter.

    It's more expensive.

    It's harder to find.

    It's a solution in search of a problem--and failing. This cartridge will, I think, soon be extinct.

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    It costs a lot more

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    It doesn't.

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