Help in adding additional RAM?

I want to add additional 512 MB memory on my PC..

should the RAM be exactly the same (brand, type, etc) as the one currently installed? how my PC will detect the additional memory? do i have to configure it in the CMOS after installing?


One more thing, if i have 512 MB installed, can i add 1 GB of RAM stick on my memory slot?

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    adding RAM shouldn't be the same brand, but u have to look on the speed of the first RAm u got, it should be the same (i.e DDR1 or DDR2, speed at 300, 400, 533 or latest 667) u may also check your board chipset either it's support the 533 or 667 RAM. these u should consider if u adding the 2ns slot. but if u buy 1G RAM and using only one slot, there's shud be no problem. otherwise ur pc will not run at all.

    ur pc will auto detect the additional RAM, u dunt have to set up anything for RAM added up.

    i suggest u just go to to automatic detect ur pc for upgrading. it will detect if ur pc is branded.

    hope this will help u to upgrade not just ur RAM, but also ur graphic card

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    1 decade ago

    u can add any amt of ram as long as ur motherboard supports it.u see an old pc cannot take more than 512 mb in 2 slots each.they neeed not be of the same company but should be inserted correctly.the windows will detect the ram on its own and u can check it by right clicking on my computer on the desktop and click properties.have fun!

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    To need to add the RAM of the same type. You can find out the type of RAM your computer uses by visiting your computer maker's website (For HP, visit The website should also tell you what the maximum RAM capacity of your computer is. And you dont need to do nything to add RAM, just place it inside the memory slot and you are done.Also you should atleast have 1024 MB of RAM in your computer. It increses you computer's speed dramatically and also increases your computer's resale value.

    Try for buying RAM, thats where i got mine for a very low price.

    Hope it helps.

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    1 decade ago

    The RAM needs to be the same type, e.g. PC3200 etc. Brand doesn't matter. You shouldn't need to do anything in the BIOS except check that the extra RAM has been detected.

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  • 3 years ago

    get new with 2Gb and probably one hundred sixty to 250 Hdd and all the different bits you desire in the furnish. to purchase in later would propose the fee of thememory say £60 plus setting up £30 to £40 and being without it, additionally would this make your 2 3 hundred and sixty 5 days guarantee void having had variations made? currys do a reliable deal 2Gb, 160Hdd vista top type for under 4 hundred as a refurbished as new with 2 3 hundred and sixty 5 days manufacturers guarantee

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    any of the same type and speed ram will work

    No need to set anything put it in and reboot it will auto detect

    yes you can add a 1 gig ram stick

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    1 decade ago

    mmm if you go to who makes your computers website. you give information that came with your computer. then it will tell which kind you need. its very simple as long as you have the info on hand. or at best buy if you bring in your computers model number they might be able to find your ideal one.

    also your computer detects the memory by itself and automatically starts using it.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Run the scan at to learn more !!

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