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Best Hawaiian Island to vacation on & why?

planning a trip with my family (wife and 2 young kids) and would like opinions on which Island is the best and why- details would be great. Anything relating to kids activities would be helpful also.

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    I'm from Honolulu, Hawaii... So i hope i have validity to what i say...

    Hawaii is made up of 7 islands.. only 4 out of 7 can be visited. The other three, Lanai, Moloka'i, Koolawe are prohibitied because only true decendants of hawaiians can live and visit those islands

    Kauai and Big Island are out of the question. Why? Because there isn't any mega malls, hardly any traffic lights, vast vast vast amounts of land are, houses, industrial places, and hardly any vacation spots, unless you want to spend two weeks straight at the beach.

    Maui is more tourist friendly.. It probably has one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, see-through, gorgeous. You could probably swim with the dolphins at one of the hotels, but as for shopping, restaurants, it's pretty bare.

    Honolulu, Waikiki, Pearl Harbor, Ala Moana, Pearlridge, North Shore are all located on the island of Oahu. We get about a million+ visitors a year alone in Waikiki. If you choose any where, this has got to be it. Why? I'll write down a list of beaches/restuarnts/and activies your kids would enjoy.

    Waikiki - The famous waikiki beach is here, the beach is not bad, a little crowded on the weekends sometimes. Across from the beach are many strip malls, restaurnts, hotels, and entertainment. At night the torches light up as you, your wife, and your kids can take a stroll by the beach. Visit the Waikiki Trade Center, and the International Marketplace. There is also the zoo for your kids ( i dont know how young they are) and try out this shave ice store called Waiola's in Waikiki located on kapaulu street, also vist Teddy's bigger burger *soooo delicious*

    Ala Moana and Ward - Just 10 mintues away from waikiki, ala moana center (you can look it up on google) is a large 4 story outdoor shopping mall, the food court and restuarants upstairs make it a worthwhile visit besides your wife can do a little splurging there :D. Across the mall is ala moana beach, i don't advise you to go there, the water is a little murky. Victoria WARD center is another strip mall about 2 blocks from ala moana, restaurants such as buca di beppo and dave and busters are located here (my favorites) also a huge theater if you want to see a movie.

    Pearl Harbor - Yup, WWII began here, you can go inside the military base and have a tour, nothing too exciting tho.

    North Shore - A 1 hour drive from waikiki. North Shore is more of the country side, you can see grazing horses and cattles as you pass by. It's famous for its 20 foot waves during the winter, but its pretty mellow during the summer/spring. Visit the beaches called Waimea bay and sunset beach beautiful beaches, but a little dangerous if your a bad swimmer.

    Turtle Bay Beach/ Hotel and resort(Look up directions on google) is sooo gorgeous. You need to park in a hotel to get access to this beach, you could go to the swimming pool / bar area and relax in a swimming pool, while you see the view of turtle bay and mountains. You can also drop by turtle bay beach, but i like the pool better.

    Beaches - Lanikai beach located in Kailua was voted one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Kailua beach located in kailua is known for its pure white fine sand. Bellows beach in Hawaii Kai is also a good spot. Haunama bay (you must pay 5 dollars per person to enter) is located in Hawaii Kai it's water is almost crystal clear, many people snorkle there and see the various coral and fish life. Near Hanauma bay is sea life park, again.. good for the kids.

    Polyneasian cultral center - Whats the point of going to hawaii if you dont experience a real lu'au, tickets are a bit on the expensive side, but you'll enjoy the experience. Tradional hawaiian food, plus hula dancers, and male performers throwing torches.

    Fun activities - You could go snorkling, to the water park in kapolei, kayaking, but the beach alone would satisfy your kids, it did with me and my brothers. Watch a movie, rent a dvd, have them make a lei, etc..

    Hawaii's superferry - You can go island hopping on this travel boat, its a great way to relax and be out in the deep sea. Tickets vary, but its a good way to visit maui from oahu. I think a price from oahu to maui is about 60 dollars per person.

    You can email me if you have anymore questions. Hope i helped a little.

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