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How do you get ride of the dark spots on legs cause by shaving?

I started shaving when I was 13, and from then I've shaved a couple of times more. Visible spots started to appear on my legs and it really bothers me. Any idea how to get rid of the spots?

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    Exfoliate and use a really good moisturizing cream every day.

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  • teters
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    they are ingrown hairs! you will see the tips of the hairs from under yours epidermis and that makes the spots. to ward off those, shave with the way your hair grows, somewhat of against it. It places much less rigidity on the hair and believe me, prevents those black dots you spot on your legs! there is not any longer lots you're able to do for an ingrown hair yet look ahead to it to come out returned! yet once you're somewhat demanding you ought to use a tweezers to tug it out!

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    use a nice skin lightening lotion to get rid of the pigmentation.. it will exfoliate and peel off the outermost dark leyer of your skin and resurface a fresher lighter shade.. here's a good source of safe and potent skin lighteners -

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