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    Mr fat (Super Size Me, 2004)

    In March this year, the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in a report that obesity problem Yan Ran has been rapidly replacing the harmful effects of tobacco, became the prevention may be why the first fatal. Today 37% of American children and adolescents have too much body fat, obesity has become a pandemic. The television reports, the two girls McDonald complaint, alleging it's food supply is weighing surge, in turn, affect physical and mental imbalance and interpersonal bad terms. An obvious but not really so cut direct clues was that the two girls trying to follow the example of the tobacco industry's litigation to obtain compensation.

    Director Morgan Spurlock make the case based on the "individual responsibility vs. Corporate responsibility ", triggered shooting motive, time-consuming before and after less than seven weeks before the completion of this movie, and the reigning 2004 Japanese Dance Festival documentary category prize for best director. The film was shown in McDonald half month after the cessation of Super Size meal promotions and the launch of Go Active Adult Happy Meals packages, of course, it has with the film, no one can associate.

    The film narrative thread director Morgan Spurlock personally force myself to 30 consecutive days, three meals a day, eating only McDonald's food and drink, and the oath on the menu each Road eat food again, and physical activity must be controlled to no more than the daily average Americans within 2,500 infantry. Morgan Spurlock alone live in Manhattan, have 83 McDonald obviously is not a difficult task. To allow the entire course of the experiment to gain people's trust and well documented, in the beginning of filming, Morgan Spurlock commissioned by three doctors (heart, stomach, nutrition), as his health condition endorsement. Nothing surprising, and a month later, Morgan Spurlock a 30-pound weight gain, high blood pressure, cholesterol increased by 65 percentage points, showing liver poisoning reaction, chest pain Yu, capacity declined, a doctor or even implicit, long-term consumption of junk food McDonald may be forever long sexual harm.

    At the same time, Morgan Spurlock visited 20 American cities, including the highest number of obese people in Houston, visited people from all walks of life, including surgeons, diet experts, relevant academics, lawyers, sports coaches, executives, legislators, and Addicted to junk food, etc. . Meanwhile, exposing the school lunch nutrition operators catering enterprises have to compromise on the fact that Sodexho was gradually cut the sports programs at several issues, and funding from the food industry lobbyists in Congress operation inside the case, Ronald McDonald children in the eyes of Jesus Christ than even famous ... but obviously, the effect of spray to deal with a lot of fat ass masters of facial contours, Morgan Spurlock or unexplained Big Mac fanatics Don Gorske why not always seem strange appearance of obese.

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    I have no intention to challenge the commercial television (MTV, FOX, ESPN ...) figured in 12 of Morgan Spurlock, the film anti-McDonald's intention courage, but had to reveal the hidden behind all the images represented by the emerging middle class Western values

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    (Feature : smokeless but Dual HAMDOON grass and wine but not alcohol, car ownership but more like a bicycle, car or on foot treasure, sexual-natural, vegetarian and yoga, living suburbs, on the gym, with nothing to do with the compost heap green), of course,

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    仲有其他,我 send 比你you e-mail is?

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    ok! send 左

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