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1. Heaven helps those (which, who, that) help themselves. (要選括號中的哪個答案,why?)

2. He is a famous scientist, about (------) many books have been written.(括號中要填哪個關係代名詞,why?)


第一題可以用 that 嗎~?

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  • 世賢
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    Heaven helps those people.

    Those people help themselves.

    (those people 為主格, 轉換成主格關係代名詞 who)

    Heaven helps those who help themselves.


    He is a famous scientist.

    Many books have been written about the scientist.

    (the scientist 為 about 的受格, 轉換成受格關係代名詞 whom)

    He is a famous scientist about whom many books have been written.

    2007-08-11 10:15:06 補充:

    God helps those that help themselves. 這種用法也有人在使用

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1 who

    因為 先行詞(those) 也就是關係代名詞要修飾的那個字 指的是"那些人" 而這個關係代名詞 在整各關係子句裡的功能是 "主詞" 所以 要用 who

    2 whom

    因為先行詞是 "scientist" "about" 是因為 後面的 "written"

    (write about 指的是 撰寫關於...)

    about 後要加受格 所以修飾先行詞是人的受格 為 whom

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