Question about African American origins in West Afirca?

So a majority of the Black American slaves cam from West Africa right? I know of the countries that line the coast of West Africa and thus are most likley to be the points of origin for the slaves. But does anyone know the particular tribes that were prevalent or most likely to be dominant in these areas during the time? Im trying to get a general idea of what tribes and peoples the Black American slaves that were captured along and around the West African coastal countries originated from.

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    Fante , Hausa, Fulani, Mende Wolof, Mandingo, Temne

    Mende ...

    I'll be right back with a link.

    impact - thanks, brah! that point generally gets left out of the discussion.

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    Theres a general misunderstanding that we "forgot" what African countries we came from. The truth is West African countries didnt exist when we left..Europeans for the most part carved up West Africa after we got to America.

    I know alot are from modern day Liberia and Nigeria.Oprah is supposably from Liberia. But I couldnt tell you about any tribes.

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    Yeah it is the Zulus.

    Source(s): Google it.
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