I had my blood taken and My results showed HEP B SUR AB for immunity to viral infection of the liver positive?

What does it mean??

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    This means that you have antibodies in your system against the hepatitis B virus. If you have had the hepatitis B vaccination series in the past, your test result shows that the vaccine was effective-it caused your body to create antibodies against the virus, that is you're immune.

    If you did not get the vaccine and don't recall ever being diagnosed with hepatitis B in the past, it means you have had a hepatitis B infection in the past and your body responded by creating Hep B antibodies.

    Many times infection with Hep B is "sub-clinical", meaning that some persons exposed and infected with it do not have severe enough symptoms to seek medical care. Sometimes people who think they had a "touch of the flu" actually had a Hep B infection. Unless they went to seek medical care and got tested they would not know they ever had a Hep B infection.

    The Hep B surface antibody test is done to diagnose people who have had Hep B in the past or, in people who have received the Hep vaccine, it is used to assess their "immune status" to see if they had adequate antibody response after the Hep B vaccine.

    Hep B vaccine is among the routine childhood immunizations for some years now. So checking the Hep B AB (AntiBody) level is done in health care workers in job application process, entering college students, armed forces entrance, etc. to ensure active immunity.

    If immunity not adequate some recommend getting a booster vaccine.

    Hope this answers your question.

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    Well your immune to Hep B and should have your liver function repeated in few weeks

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    It means you have probably had the HepB vaccine and you are immune to the virus....

    We need more lab results (the surface antigen) to determine if there is a carrier state (meaning chronic HepB infection). But basically, this probably means you have had the vaccine.

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