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For y+r fans, have questions see who can answer these...?


1. What was Nikki maiden name

2. What was Jill's maiden name

3. Who was victor's first wife?

4. what crime was michael baldwin convicted of years ago?

5. who was victor's constant male companion and friend years ago when he met nikki

6. what was jills occupation when she met katherine chancellor?

7. what was jill's brother's names?

8. Who was jack's first wife and who is she related to on the show?

9. what was Christine's nickname and what was her first job at Jabot?

10. what is jack, ashley and tracy's mother's name?

11. how many times has victor been married?

12. On the show what female can you link to more males than the rest, in other words, who's the easiest?

13. who was brad first involved with when he started on the show?

14. Who when the show first started was one of the major family's on the show who are no longer around, their last name starts with a B

15. How long has Katherine been sober?

16. How old should Nick and Victoria both really be?

11 Answers

  • kiddo
    Lv 4
    1 decade ago
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    1. Reed

    2. Foster

    3. Julia

    4. attempted rape of Christine Blair

    5. Colonel Douglas Austin (I often wonder what happened to him)

    6. Manicurist and then paid companion to Katherine

    7. Dr. William "Snapper" Foster and Greg Foster who was a lawyer married to Nikki

    8. Patty Williams who is Paul's sister

    9. Cricket (I was going to say model, but she was first just a gopher for her cousin Joe Blair, the photographer)

    10. Dina

    11. Julia, Laurie, Nikki, Ashley, Diane, Hope so 6 unless you count how many times he was married to Nikki

    12. Jill

    13. Jill

    14. Brookes

    15. approximately 30 years except for 2 yrs ago when she fell off the wagon

    16. Victoria 23 and Nick 20

    (p.s. That was fun....thanks!)

    Source(s): Memory
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  • 1 decade ago

    1 Reed

    2 Foster

    3 Julia

    4 Raping Christine Blair

    5 The Colonel

    6 Manicurist

    7 Snapper was one


    9 Cricket

    10 Dina

    11 Julia, Nikki, Diane, Leanna, Ashley, Hope, Nikki

    12 Ashley

    13 Jill Abbott

    14 Brooks

    15 She was for a long time and then fell off the wagon a few years ago

    16 Nick 9 Vicki 11

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  • 1 decade ago

    1. Reed 2.Foster 3.Julia 4.sexual harassment 5.that english bald guy can't remember his name 6. hair dresser 7. Snapper and Greg 8.Patty Williams, Pauls sister 9.Cricket 10.Dina

    11. six 12.Jill 13.Tracy Abbott 14.Brooks 15.she fell off the wagon a couple of years ago during the whole finding out Jill was her daughter 16. teenagers?

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  • 1 decade ago

    1) forget 2) foster 3) ? 4) sexual harrasment towards Christine (Cricket) 5) ? 6) hair dresser? 7) ? 8) gloria and she is related to michael baldwin, her son 9) Cricket, she was a model 10) ? 11) 6 times 12) hmmm it's a toss up between nikki, ashley and jill 13)tracey 14) ? 15) years and years 16) hmmm, in their 20's?

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  • 1 decade ago

    1 Reed

    2 Foster

    3 Julia

    4 He attempted to rape Christine

    5 Douglas

    6 she was a mancurist

    7 snapper and greg

    8 Patty who is Paul's sister

    9 Christine's nickname was Cricket and she was a model

    10 Dina

    12 I think six, if you count his marriage to Nikki 2 times...Julia, Nikki, Ashley, Hope, Leeana, Nikki

    13 He was with Tracy

    14 Brooks, Lauri, leslie, Chris, peggy.

    15 five years (?)

    16 in their teens, I say 14 for Victoria and 10 for Nick...

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  • 1 decade ago

    Im answering from memory so some might be wrong lol

    1. Reed

    2. Foster

    3. Julia

    4. Attempted rape

    5. ?Andy?

    6. manicurist

    7. her real brother is Brock but her adopted brother was William b*k*a Snapper

    8. Patty..she's Paul's sister

    9. Cricket..she was a model

    10. Deena

    11. oh god lol..i'll guess and say 7

    12. Nikki

    13. Tracy

    14. Brooks..i looked it up lol

    15. she's been sober for..4 yrs im guessing

    16. Nick should be 13 and Vicki should be 24

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  • Sandra
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    I watch for good story and characters that I root for. Y&R is great because it is so character driven, and there are a lot of different stories - not just the Nick/Phyllis/Sharon one. If Sharon were let go I would be sad, but would not stop watching. (I don't think that it is likely though)... If Sharon were gone and he completely messes things up with Phyllis (which looks like is happening now with the hiring of Sharon and all of this time he's spending over at the Abbott mansion), I'd want Nick to be with someone who is not on the show now... maybe Felicia Forrester who showed up for a few episodes would be okay. But like I said before, I'd be sad if she left, just I'm sad that Victoria Rowell left, and I'll be sad when Graz leaves (I think he will), but I'll stick around if the story is there... there is no one actor/character that is do or die for me.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1. Reed

    2.Foster(but she is really Katherine's dtr, and IDK Kate's maiden name)


    4.raped Christine Blair

    5.Douglas (the Colonel)

    6.Chancellor housemaid

    7.Snapper and Greg

    8.Patty Williams, Paul's sister

    9.Cricket, model at Jabot

    10.IDK least 5 times

    12.Nikki Newman

    13.Traci Abbott

    14.Brooks family

    15.maybe 10 years?

    16.Victoria,20, Nick,16

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  • 1 decade ago



    3 Julia

    4stalking sexual assult



    7 got me??




    11 five

    12 Nikki

    13traci abbot


    15 2yrs started drinking again

    16 Nick 19 Vicki 24

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  • 1 decade ago

    Very good Questions , you must have been watching this show since day 1 . Good for you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So have I , I'll admit some I may have forgotten but just wanted to let you no if you thought of all them yourself , your good

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