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I missed it last night because i got confused at which time it started. Can anyone inform me of last nights episode??

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    It was a repeate. The title of the episode is 'Cocktails'. Jim, Karen, Michael, Jan and Dwight go to the CEO's birthday party. This is Jan and Michael's first time going somewhere as a open couple. Karen jokes with Jim telling him about how she has dated all the guys at the party. He think's she is serious, but later figures it out. Basically, Micheal is a a**, like normal and Jan gets upset. Dwight also investagates the whole house looking for damage.

    Meanwhile, everyone back at The Office goes to Poor Richards for happy hour. Roy comes with them. Pam decides to tell him about Casino Night where she kissed Jim. He totally freaks out and strats throwing stuff. She says it's over and leavs. Later Roy says "I'm gonna kill Jim Halpert". It wasn't a very interesting episode, but I guess it was ok.

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    Source(s): The Office S3 DVD comes out Sept 4. S4 starts Sept 27
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    Although it wasn't new, it involved Karen, Jim, Dwight, Michael, and Jan going to a party hosted by the guy who runs the company. There, Dwight acts very funny, inspecting the house, and Karen tricks Jim into thinking she dated all the men at the party. Jan and Michael get into a fight, mainly because Jan wants to have sex in the bathroom. Back at the Office, everyone is normal, until they go out for drinks. There, Pam tells her fiance (I forget his name) that she kissed Jim, and he flips out.

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    it wasn't new so it's probably on nbc

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