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Who/What is Princeton Premier??

I received this weird email stating (I edited out my name from the email, but they did address me as such)

It is my great pleasure to inform you that you have been chosen as a candidate for inclusion into the 2007-2008 Honors Edition of the Princeton Premier Business Leaders and Professionals publication. This is a significant honor, an achievement that is afforded to very few individuals in the course of a lifetime. You are to be commended for the accomplishments and service that have brought your name to the attention of our Editorial Committee. To help our editors ensure the utmost accuracy in compiling the new edition, please submit your biographical data upon receipt of this letter.

I did some research and cant really find out anything about them other than some press releases they did about people they included in their books. Anyone know what this is all about or anything at all about them?

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    I too received the same email in my corporate email account a few weeks ago, and Googled "Princeton Premier". It looked fishy to me, like some kind of data harvesting operation.

    In my google search I came across links like these:

    that announced a particular person has been selected by P.P., and they had the following contact info:

    Princeton Premier

    Justin Grella


    I called the number and spoke to a Bill Turner, who said P.P. was a private, for-profit operation based out of New York, w/ publishing operations in N.J. He said they publish in hard copy and on the web, and they make money from member subscription fees and from the sale of their publication.

    Bill said he had been w/ P.P. for 4 years. He said I should follow the link in my email, fill out the application and partake in an interview, and that there would be some kind of competitive selection process in order to determine successfull applicants.

    I work for a global consulting company and have been using the internet and doing business on the web for 10+ years, and this whole thing smells, but I can't point to anything specific based on what I've seen sofar - I'm just expressing my "gut" feeling (as comrade Chertoff would say)


    - Jeff Cross in Texas

    Source(s): 1) 2) Phone conversation on 16 Aug w/ a "Bill Turner" at 718-874-6071 3) 4)
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    it quite is definitely a rip-off. I had a similar adventure, some 2 years in the past. They have been hounding me over the telephone to get my mastercard quantity. whilst the preliminary candy merchandising technique did no longer charm, the revenues man or woman grew to alter into abusive, indignant and started calling names. they are back with a request returned this previous week. do no longer touch it.

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