Confederate Flag?

I'm curious as to why the confederate flag is equated with slavery and racism. Slavery only became illegal AFTER the civil war. Many northern statesmen owned slaves right through the war. Also, the Civil War was never fought about slavery. (look it up) it was fought over state's rights and taxation without representation. Slavery only became an issue towards the end of the war. I don't get it. Any iseas?

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    I would tend to agree with you and as an englishman I guess I can be termed as a nuetral party on the subject. I don't think the issue is about what the Civil War was fought over I just think that many people feel that due to the Confederacy's pro - slavery stance (war or no war) the Battle Flag represents a racist view in the same way as a Nazi Swastika.

    Personally I don't agree. I believe that southerners still fly the flag because they still hold a sense of identity and independance and I believe they should have this right, just as Texas still flies the Lonestar flag which represents their status as a republic and the Hawaiian flag that still carries a Union Jack in the upper right canton. Wasn't the united states founded on (among other things)a principle of freedom of expression? The Battle Flag should be looked on as an expression of that.

    Many a crime has been commited under the British flag and no-one thinks twice about it. The same with the US flag, but for instance, many a Native American will fly 'Old Glory' with pride.

    Flags represent nations as a whole, not the actions of a nation.

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    FINALLY SOMEBODY AGREES WITH ME! the civil war wasnt fought over slavery. i personally think that if honest abe wouldnt of been killed, slavery would still be going on in the south, but an abolitionist took office after lincoln died. he only wanted to keep slavery in the south. i think the flag is a symbol of pride because the confederates were fighting for their freedom. people who are in the kkk also helped Dixie get an infamous name for flying it at their meetings.

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