moldy grass??

I woke up this morning to find dead spots covered with what looks like a white mold. I water every day and my grass seems pretty healthy

What is this fungus amoung us?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Hi- I can't believe you didn't get any answers here...


    There are a few possible types - they are all of serious concern for your lawn if left untreated: 1) Pythium Blight (2) Powdery Mildew Fungus and (3) Grease Spot...

    In short, all three can be treated in the same basic way. There are others too- but these are the most common.

    To treat existing problem a fungicide must be used... Scotts and Bayer both make a granular application.

    (You can find books with pics to make a match but most of these diseases are treated the same way)

    Your efforts should also focus on prevention:

    Do not water at night \ water in morning only... improve drainage if possible and improve air flow if applicable (trim low branches or shrubs). If you area is wet and has been getting rain at night you can pretreat your lawn with granular fungicide to off set the damp conditions.

    You mentioned that you water everyday. In fact this is a negative practice for your turf. It encourages short root growth and increases mold and fungus environments.

    In fact ALL professional sources recommend watering deeply no more than twice a week!

    I hope this advice is helpful.

    Source(s): Im not a lawn care professional but have studied it at length.
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