Club Penguin Mission?

How do you solve the Club Penguin Mission of the avalanche?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    i finished tis mission and wat u hve to do is get the lifesaver shooter ( which is in the room wth the spy stuff) and ten u get the fishin rod ( in the ski lodge) and then u put t on top of the shooter and then u get the rope(in the lighthouse on the boat) and u put tat on top of the shooter to, tats how u grab the penguins. and to see were the right path is u take the telescope from the beacon apart (by using the wrench) and go to garys room ( in the sports shop) and put it in the right place there. then u go on the mountain and down ridge run and take the path tat was in the telescope and wen u get to the bottom put the lifesaver shooter on there. u go down on the branches first. second u get the penguin on the tree and the penguin on the rock. third u put one of the penguins on the tree again and get the penguin on the lower rock. fourth u put the the three penguins by the boulder and wen they push the boulder u get all three penguins and get the fourth penguin. and get the fur buy where u fxed the ski lift. and ten talk to g and ur done.

    to fix the belt u take the belt of the model penguin in the sports shop and put it on the ski lift.

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