To get started a blind date?

how do i make it workout on a blind date help me on this ?

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    -----How to Have a Successful Blind Date

    1. Plan your activities. Some ideas would be softball, tennis, bowling, miniature golf, maybe even a board or card game (though, could be hard with only two of you. Beware of trying something new, that you may not be knowledgable at.

    2. Plan your outing Plan short, brief meetings at public places. A restaurant or coffee shop is a good idea. Maybe even a park. Being in a public place, if things don't go well, you're not stuck.

    3. Attire Wear whatever fits the activities. For sporting or fun activities, dress casual. For formal outings like a dinner at a nice restaurant; dress formal.

    4. Be prepared If you're a guy; you should bring a flower and a small stuffed animal, it will add a nice touch for the first blind date. For a good date, you want instant connection, similar interests, fun and witty conversation and just enjoy each other. Physical attraction is a plus. Lying makes a bad date, and there is no connection, well, you might not make it.

    5. End a bad blind date. Smile and finish the date. Inform the date there is no connection and leave. A good idea would be to arrive with separate vehicles. Since this is the first date, and you haven't met yet it is best for each person to take their own car.


    * Have fun

    * Be yourself

    * The first impression needs to be the lasting impression

    * Do your research before the date, ask about their likes/dislikes and such before the date. Maybe you won't talk to them, but ask whoever is setting the date up.

    * By arriving in separate vehicles, you can make an early exit if the date turns for the worst.

    * Don't give out personal information such as your home address or phone number; or place of business.

    * Trust is a big issue; you must trust the person setting you up, that they will find you the perfect match.


    * Do not go overboard; a dozen red roses or jewelery, is a little too much for the first date.

    * Constantly talking about yourself can be a bad idea.

    * If using an online dating service, be very careful of who you give your contact information to.

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    blind dates are easy you dont know anything about her just ask her about herself then throw in a story here and there to participate. just be yourself

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    1 decade ago

    The one I'm with right now is the one 4 me,i just know it....i know i said that about the last one too,but this one is really THE ONE!

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