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How do I reformat my Windows Vista WITHOUT all the extras installing along with it?

I am very knowledgeable in computers and this just got me stumped. I have an HP Media Center PC and I am reformatting through the recovery hard drive. And it also says a bunch of HP Stuff when I reformat it. I just want a CLEAN install. No Norton, no Roxio I dont want any of that. Windows XP was easy you just chose not to install all those extras...theres something about vista..

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It's just a pain the *** to uninstall all those programs

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    You're going to need a proper windows VISTA DVD (Good luck on that)

    Not an HP Recovery CD

    Then you will have to format your Hard Disk, it will probably have an unalterable Recovery partition on it so I'd get a new one and smash that one with a hammer.

  • 1 decade ago

    I'm sorry, but Vista isnt like Mac OSX. You cannot choose to just have the OS without the Bundled programs. or at least you couldnt on Windows XP. I wouldnt think Vista to be any differet - I have Vista Business - it was easy enough to uninstall those bundled apps though.

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