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Which do you have more of an issue with in the media, nudity or violence? and why?

It bothers me that in general people find nudity more offensive than the abundance of violence we're exposed to. What's so bad about the human body that it must be covered at all times, but we can watch someone get decapitated without batting an eye?


Okay, riverkid, what "even worse things" is nudity setting us up for exactly?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Ehhhh... I dunno I have issue with none of the above as like to watch movies of neked folks running rampant with people hitting bricks!

  • 1 decade ago

    Violence in a war movie or western or even police melodrama is essential to the story and I don't really mind it. I would prefer it were done a little less graphically sometimes but as an adult I can stand the detailed stuff if it is intregral to what's going on. I despise the kind of senseless violence in Chainsaw massacre type movies where a maniac simply goes out and kills for joy and always lives to make another movie and do the same thing again. I like the good guy/bad guy type shows where the good guy wins and the bad guy gets his in the end.

    Likewise nudity, I have no problem with people in normal ways being shown nude and am not offended by the bare body in itself. We are all naked at one time or another in our lives and we look at ourselves in the mirror when we are don't we? Why should it bother us if the body we see isn't ours? we all have sex in our lives and usually are naked when we do so tastefully presented I don't mind that either. I disapprove of blatant sexual stuff that is degrading and unnecessary but is there just to sell tickets to curious youngsters but feeds them unacceptable ideas for real human behavior. To me everything in balance and of value to the story is okay.

    I agree with the response about language too. I have been around over sixty years, I go to bars and I was in the service where language can and does get awfully colorful but real people don't converse in four letter words under normal circumstances and it shouldn't be portrayed as if they do. Occasional use of vulgarities pop up for everyone but they are occasional for most of us.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You left out the one that gets me, the vulgarity. Almost every time my family and I sit down to watch a movie, we will within 3 minutes hear the f word. In 3 weddings and a funeral we heard that one word at least 30 in the first 3 minutes, then turned it off and returned to the video store.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I'd have to say nudity. That's not to imply that I believe the violence is okay. You merely asked which of the two I had more of a problem with. The reason it bothers me is cause it's just setting us up for even worse things in the future, which society apparently has no problems with.

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  • in this Puritan society ppl are going to be like that.. but then again in japan they have these manga cartoons that show torture and rough sex.

  • mp01
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago

    if it's a snuff pic u can get both!

    not that i'm into that sort of thing

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