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Bare Escentuals Concealer????

Is it any good for covering dark circles or pimples? How do you apply it? Does it sit in fine lines around the eyes?

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    bare escentuals is one of the best things i ever bought. it works great, you can buy a starter kit that comes with everything you need, including the brush.

    i like it, becuase i do have very dark circles under my eyes, no matter how much sleep i get, they are still there, and using the bare escentuals concealer, and then their regular powder, you can barley tell that i have any darkness.

    you might want to try going to sephora and seeing if you can try it out to make sure that you actually like it. everyone is different, and some people love it ( LIKE ME) and others hate it. so it just really depends on you.

    good luck and i hope this helps! :]

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    I'm not sure if there's an actual Bare Escentuals concealer. I know there's a really good concealer brush and you just use your BE foundation, dip your concealer brush in it and "paint" over your blemishes. I had a really bad breakout a few weeks ago so the red marks are really prominent. So what I do is after I wash, tone and moisturize, I put my concealer for blemishes-- Stila perfecting concealer, and then concealer for dark circles by Chanel, and then put my BE foundation, then use the BE concealer brush to paint over the blemishes. By now it's nearly gone. So I just finish off with my Clinique pressed powder. I use the sponge to pat it into the skin.

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    for medium coverage spot conceal with the foundation, for heavier coverage use bisque.you apply it by pouring a small amount in the lid, swirl the light stroke concealer brush in it, tap off the excess, and buff on your trouble spots. it doesn't settle into fine lines. don't use another brand of concealer with bare minerals, it will not look natural, and it counteracts the benefits of bare escentuals.

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    bare escentuals is my hero.

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