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Can some one help me with a ghost problem?

I live by a cemetery well i have a story to telll you it doesnt bother me it just creeps me out kinda well i am a night owl and on occasion when i am in my basement watching tv sometimes only at night i see blue flashes of light flash out of a door witch is the tool area.

what i wanna know is first have you ever heard of this before and 2nd do you have andy idea what it is , Me and my girl frend are the only ones to have seen it i some times look at her when we are watching the telly and see the blue flash accross her face... umm and oh one more thing i know it is not lighting even though it looks like a flash of blue it is not by anymeans lightning colored if that makes any sence ..... any ideas?

P.s. I also slowly with courage walk to the door and seee nothing it seems to flash a last time before i get to the door... i wonder there is alot of electrisitylines and i do live next to a cemetary .... does that have something to do with it? well answer me as best as you can

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    if you believe in ghosts you need to grow up

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The metal tools (and/or tool shed) are probably picking up a static electric charge from the surrounding air during certain weather conditions.

    This would result in a static electric "discharge," sort of like "mini-lightning..." The way you get shocked when you rub your feet on carpet and then touch something metal...


    It could be a hideous, human flesh-eating Demon from the Nether Realms looking for tools to start Its own garden of fresh tomatoes and basil...

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