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Shani (Saturn) Transit and Guru (Jupiter) Mahadasha?

Could someone knowledgeable in Vedic Astrology please let me know (1) What is the effect of the recent Shani Transit to Simha & (2) How is the outlook for my current Guru Mahadasha

My Horoscope details are :

Rashi: Mesha; Nakshatra: Bharani; Lagna : Vrushabha

Current Mahadasha: Guru (Jupiter) & Antaradasha: Shani

Mithuna : Shukra

Karka ; Ravi

Simha : Budh

Tulla : Rahu, Jupiter

Vrushik : Shani

Mesha : Chandra, Mangal, Ketu

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  • 1 decade ago
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    born-8th august-1958. time12-15am-1-15am. ok. is it correct? BHARANI-3rd. Saturn 9th&10th lord is placed in 7th house is aspecting your 9th house ,the house of fortune, and 10th&11 lord from your moon sign. is now in 5th house from your moon sign. result: no problem for you, but it slightly affect your son`s health. ok. now jupiter dasa- saturn, sub- dasa is going on. very favourable period ahead of you. last year you got some fortune. your father is very fortunate person. you are going to start a new venture or get a high rank in the month of march-2009. more doubts mail: sunastro_moon.

  • ?
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    5 years ago

    Saturn in 7th house indicates difficulties in personal life esp married life.But your ascendant is libra and hence saturn is a yogakkaraka for you.Hence should not pose much difficulties to you even though you as a person might be cruel or tough person. Can you tell the position of mars,rahu,ketu,venus and jupter in your chart in order to tell more correctly?These planets are imp to assess married life.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

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