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Kelly asked in Science & MathematicsBiology · 1 decade ago

what is the difference b/t fundamental niche and realized niche?

can u give me exs

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Tony K's definition is already clear enough so i'll just give you an example.

    a rat can theoretically eat anything since it is an omnivore. this is its fundamental niche.

    its realized niche is that, it cannot actually eat everything available in its environment due to the presence of competitors/enemies, such as cats and humans.

    waheehee... very simple example, but hope this helped.

  • Aseel
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    1 decade ago

    For a species to maintain its population, its individuals must survive and reproduce. Certain combinations of environmental conditions are necessary for individuals of each species to tolerate the physical environment, obtain energy and nutrients, and avoid predators. The total requirements of a species for all resources and physical conditions determine where it can live and how abundant it can be at any one place within its range. These requirements are termed abstractly the ecological niche.

    The realized niche describes that part of the fundamental niche actually occupied by the species.

    Pls see the web below for more informations:

  • 1 decade ago

    "The full range of environmental conditions (biological and physical) under which an organism can exist describes its fundamental niche. As a result of pressure from, and interactions with, other organisms (e.g. superior competitors) species are usually forced to occupy a niche that is narrower than this and to which they are mostly highly adapted. This is termed the realized niche."

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