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Victoria K asked in PetsDogs · 1 decade ago

Dog Food.....?

What is a good dog food to give my 60 pd lab? The one i've been giving him, he's poop is too soft!

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    On choosing a dog food:

    Read the ingredients on the food you buy. Go with a high quality dog food. A grain should not be in the first couple ingredients ingredient (corn and such are mainly fillers, dogs don't digest it well). Avoid foods that have a lot of "by products" listed.

    Here is an article about byproducts:

    And an article on what ingredients to avoid:


    Some GOOD foods are :

    * Merrick -

    * Solid Gold -

    * Canidae -

    * Timberwolf -

    * Orijen -

    * Wellness -

    * Chicken Soup brand -

    * Blue Buffalo -

    * Fromm -

    * Innova -

    * Innova EVO -

    Or check this website for good foods:

    (I recommend only feeding foods rated 4, 5, or 6 stars. Anything 3 stars or less, I would stay away from.)


    Stay away from grocery stores brands. They are low-quality foods chalk full of fillers, preservatives, dyes, etc.. (Grocery store foods are those like Beneful, Old Roy, Alpo, Pedigree, Purina, etc.)

    Beware "premium" foods. "Premium" does not mean good nutritionally, and is not a nutritionally high quality food. It has the same types of ingredients as grocery store foods, just a bit better quality of those not-so-good ingredients. (Premium foods are those like Iams, Eukanuba, Science Diet, etc..)

    Another thing to be wary of: A lot of vets will recommend what they sell in their office. They get profit from the brands they keep on their shelves, that's why they push it. Truth is, vet schools don't focus a lot on nutrition. It's not saying that a vet is a bad vet because he recommends those foods, a lot of vets just are told "this is good food", so they pass the message along without proper nutrition knowledge. Also, some dog food brands (like Hills) support vet schools, so vets have heard of it from the time they start college, which makes them think it's good as well.


    It may seem like the initial cost of the better food is more expensive, but it really isn't in the long run. Right now, you're feeding your dog fillers. Your dog eats more to try to get the nutrition it needs, and most of the food just passes right on through. By feeding better food, your dog will eat less (and poop less, so less cleanup for you!). Also, it will make your animals healthier, so you save money on vet bills in the long run.


    "Big box" petstores like Petco and Petsmart, department stores like Walmart, and grocery stores rarely have quality foods.

    Your best bets for getting quality dog food are:

    - small, locally owned petstores

    - dog boutiques

    - farm supply stores


    When switching foods, do it gradually. I do this over about a two week timespan:

    25% food A, 75% food B

    50% food A, 50% food B

    75% food A, 25% food B

    100% food A


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    Sometimes you just have to try new food. But be aware that when you switch foods you have to keep him on that food for at least a month to know how his stool is going to be afterwards. Changing a dogs food usually gives them runny stools as well, so it will take some time to figure out which food is best for your dog.

    First off food. Good nutrition in dogs, cats all animals is important. Anything you can buy at the grocery store or walmart is NOT good food. You want to look at ingredients on the back of the food packaging. The first few ingredients should be meat or meat meal. NO CORN...absolutely NO corn. Most low end dog foods use Corn as the number 1 filler in dog food because it is cheap. It has no nutritional value for a dog or a cat.

    Some good foods:

    Blue Buffalo

    Diamond foods

    Chicken soup for the dog lovers soul

    Natural Balance

    Nutro ULTRA holostic food (not the best but its so/so)


    Solid Gold




    Costcos brand of dog food (its fairly inexpensive and its made by Diamond foods)

    Some of these are more expensive than others. You will notice however that your dog will eat less and poop less because he wont need to eat more like the cheaper foods because the balance of nutrition is better and he wont poop out all the fillers.

    Some of these you can only order online, some of these your local petco or petsmart will have.

    I use blue buffalo myself and I have a 11 month old puppy that has severe allergies to food and has some problems in his digestive system. Between that and Nutro Holostic were the only two that helped him stop barfing up all his food or crapping it out like water. But just because that worked for my dog doesnt mean it will work for yours, all dogs are different. If his current food has chicken in it you might also consider going to lamb. Many dogs actually have trouble with chicken dry foods so it could also be the chicken.

    Good Luck and I hope this helps

    Edited: You should note what the other poster said as well about worms. Make sure you take your guy to the vet and get him a fecal. Many times when dogs get worms they have soft stools, so you always want to rule out illness or infestations first.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Abbyful is giving a lot of good info. I have a dog home who has also always had soft poops, the one food that seems to have totally eliminated this is the Timberwolf Southwest Chicken and Herbs™ Canid Formula, this is the first food I tried where his poops are nice and firm.

    I like to rotate foods every few months so I am hoping to find a few others with the same results as the above mentioned.

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    I feed my dogs Chicken soup for the pet lovers soul. It is an excellent dog food, keeps their coats soft and healthy.

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    If you have pets at home you do understand how important it is to feed them the right dog food.

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    Total dry food for 2 weeks, at least, otherwise its worms.

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    1 decade ago

    Nutro has good kibble for large breeds.

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