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What to do if your Supervisor is against you?

My supervisor is against me because I am in relationship with somebody who used to be his subordinate and they did not get along neither.. kind of dirty rumors circulate in the workplace either about me or about my partner, do not know if I need to look for an other job..

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  • 1 decade ago
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    That's one of the reasons it's not a good idea to date someone where you work. Everyone gets in your business and personal business should not mix with business. It would have been better to be very discrete at work. When a supervisor gets it in for you, there isn't much you can do except move to a job so that you change supervisors-and they will bad mouth you to the new one-or just start looking. Sooner or later they can get the goods on you to make you look very bad and tarnish your work record. Middle management usually is comprised of people who have risen to the height of their incompetance and that is why I worked hard to start my own business. It's just so much better to come in to an office, do my thing, not rely on that particular client for all my $, and leave. It takes time to get other office personnel to cooperate with you but managers are usually so glad to get their bookkeeping under control they don't give you much of a hassle. I had one job so long ago and management did a job on me and I was so inexperienced and didn't have any idea how to protect myself or what to do. I ended up quitting. It was a dead end job so they did me a favor. But when you are capable and get picked on, there isn't much you can do. Discretely start looking for another job. It is easier to get one when you have one and office politics is a good reason to move on. Usually you end up making more $ because you have more experience. I don't think there isn't anyone that gives interviews that hasn't had to deal with office politics and it is a valid reason for moving on. Just be sure that your present job is not contacted until you are sure you want the next one. Do not give them permission to call unless they offer you the job and you accept but do explain the situation and do give the old job a couple of weeks to replace you. And be sure to get all benefits coming to you like vacation etc. Good luck and I hope you find a place that is pleasant to work.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Firstly I would have a talk personally with the supervisor to express your concerns (tape the conversation which can be done indiscreetly with a mobile phone these days). If that doesn't resolve the issue and you feel you are being bullied by your supervisor then you have a right to report it too his manager. However if he and his manager have a good relationship then it may be difficult to get the issue resolved. If you have a HR(human resources) manager then you should make them aware of the situation and see if they can help. If you feel the situation is hopeless and you are forced to leave your job due to harassment then you may be able to get some help from a Government Agency, although you must be sure you can prove your case.

  • ALR
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    1 decade ago

    When you say your supervisor is "against" you, what does that mean? Are your receiving unfair performance evaluations? Is your supervisor being rude to you?

    Supervisors (and relationships) come and go. Unless this situation is having an impact on your job (i.e. you received an unfair performance evaluation which resulted in your failure to get a raise), I wouldn't do anything for the time being.

    If, in three months, the situation is still a problem, go to your company's human resource department and ask that they facilitate a conversation between you and your supervisor.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    nicely initially revenge is by no ability the respond- i think that what is going around comes around.. i think of each place of work has a fat center elderly nosey b****. regrettably- each little thing (in stable time) will seize as much as her, and you- and each physique that has been burned via her gets their vendication.

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