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What different types of heart diseases do they have?

I'm 23 & I saw a heart doctor yesterday, & so far, he told me that it doesn't look like I have heart disease from the EKG & ultrasound, but he has to run a stress test on a treadmill to see how I handle it. I get chest pains very easily simply just from walking the 1st 2 minutes. I know I'm overweight & I'm trying to lose it. But how can I if every time I try to exercise, I get chest pains? My Dr. said I'm too young for heart disease, & my PCP told me my cholesterol is a little high but not enough to be put on medication.

What kinds of heart diseases do they have? I hope I don't have it, & I'm trying to do my best to prevent it.

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    I have angina and wear a nitro patch..Ask about daily aspirin..

    A coated childrens asprin takes the chest pain away quickly. you dont need a prescription for spray nitro.The side efects not pleasant :; pounding head etc.

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    In your case , you don't need to have a heart ABNORMALITY to feel pain . You see , it looks like you are so obese , that any exertion puts a load on your heart that is too much to bear , and the heart muscle starts crying out for OXYGEN , that it is not getting enough supply of for the work needed to support your body in exertion .

    Haven't you heard about 100% healthy people who drop down dead from heart attacks in MARATHONS ?

    Your condition is similar in my opinion .

    Do you also smoke ?

    The solution is AGGRESSIVE dieting , to bring your body mass down to a point where it is more proportionate to your heart and muscles sizes .

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    RE: how many exceptional forms of coronary heart diseases are there? Please have an accurate reply. And i would like the number of one of a kind coronary heart diseases even supposing they aren't principal! THANKS!

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