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Josh asked in SportsOther - Sports · 1 decade ago

I think Greg Anderson enjoys being in prison, don't you?

He must.

I mean, why else would a person choose to sit in jail?!

We don't need an asterisk, we need a criminal investigation. My son, if I have anything to do about it, won't even know the name of Victor Conte's Frankenstein.

Next time I see Barry cry, I want it to follow the sentencing.

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    i am not even going to anwser that stupid question, he is getting paid to sit in jail till barry breaks the record. i work out in burlinggames cali with barry and greg, trust me he is getting paid to be in jail

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    1 decade ago

    I can understand that. But you know what? Although his single season home run record of 73 is tainted, I don't think the all-time record is.

    Did you ever notice that all these steroid users always get injured, especially when they stop taking them? Mcgwire's career was riddled with injury. Barry, Sosa and Giambi all had injuries that caused them to miss entire seasons after they stopped juicing.

    Had Barry NOT juiced, he would probably hit 40-50 homers in 2001 instead of 73. BUT, he wouldn't have been injured and missed 99% of the 2005(?) season and likely wouldve hit at least 30 that year. In fact, had he not taken the steroids, he'd probably be approaching 800 home runs now.

    756 isn't due to steroids as much as it is to (unnecessary) expansion in 1993 and 1998. Watered down pitching is why Barry is the new king and why A-Rod will eventually hit 800.

    Still, if he's guilty of a crime, I hope it's proven and he gets burnt.

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