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melting point of peanut butter?

Is there a way to increase the melting point of peanut butter? I know of a good treat made by melting peanut butter and letting it cool. The only problem is it melts at room temperature. I would like to get them to last longer outside of the refrigerator.

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    The melting point of most peanut butters are driven predominantly by the emulsifiers that are used in their production (to keep the fats suspended in the matrix). Most of these emulsifiers have a melt point in the 150F (65-70C) range.

    In order for the peanut butter to be "more solid" at room temperature, you could whip it with shortening, but this will leave a very greasy and unpleasant mouth feel.

    Mixing the peanut butter with a stabilizing/thickening agent (like powdered sugar) will help with this in some respects. Most commercial peanut butters should soften at room temperature, but they should not melt.

    Without knowing what your particular treat is or how it is made, I can't give any additional suggestions on how you might overcome the problems that you've seen.

    Happy cooking!

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