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Can you rate the following Canadian soccer players according to ability?

I was wondering what ratings on 100% you would give these former or current Canadian National Soccer team players? By 100%, I'd say that's David Beckham's level. Lower than that, obviously! Around 50% rating would be just an average "bench" player.

Maycoll Canizales

Chris Pozniak

Chris Williams

Tony Menezes

Paul Fenwick

Davide Xausa

Chris Lemire

Kevin McKenna

Jeff Clarke

Garrett Kusch

Jason Bent

Pat Onstad

Kenny Stamatopoulos

Jaime Peters

Massimo Di Ioia

Nik Ledgerwood

Tam Naswila

Dwayne Derosario

Tomasz Radzinski

Greg Sutton

Gabriel Gervais

Ante Jazic

Rocco Placentino

John Bourgault

Hector Contreras

Its a long list, but you only have to answer as many as you know! Thanks !!!

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    1 decade ago
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    That black guy on there U-20 team is the best!

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